Clarins DO Contouring!

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Clarins launch a contouring palette this month. It’s limited, and I am interested to know what Clarins fans will make of it.

Contouring is a massive trend in beauty, but is it on the way out? Perhaps. But there is still a market for it, and this new contouring palette will tap into that.

It’s a pretty simple palette with three shades, to create flattering angles,  to enhance features, to give a luminous complexion that has defined contour and sculpted cheekbones.

Achive it in three easy steps, with three powders, tailored to all skintones, with a formula enriched with plant extracts to nourish the skin, as well as Clarins’ exclusive Anti-Pollution Complex.

There are three easy steps in this palette – use the matte beige to highlight and illuminate, bronze to add depth and contour, and rose to add a pop of colour.


The highlighting shade creates volume,brightens areas to be highlighted and illuminates the face.This shade can be applied to the arch of the eyebrow, under the eyes, and as a light touch on the upper and lower lip.

The contouring shade allows you to hollow, sculpt and reshape your face through an optical effect. Apply it evenly to the forehead, moving down over the temples, beneath the cheekbones, the jawline, along the bridge of the nose and on the chin.

The blush shade adds a healthy glow as a finishing touch to the apples of the cheeks.

The palette also includes a curved make-up brush which will hug facial contours, to allow easy application.

It’s a really subtle contour palette – no huge thick lines, or tons of make up here, and is actually very wearable.

Clarins Contouring Palette, £36, available from January 8, at Clarins counters and