Lottie Tomlinson Matchbox for Nails Inc

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Nails Inc are expanding out of just nails and into skincare and makeup, and the latest product is Matchbox – a collaboration with makeup artist, and celebrity sibling, Lottie Tomlinson (sister of One Direction’s Louis, if you didn’t know!).

It seems that the 80s trend of matching your lips to your nails is back, and Lottie has released four  – cleverly called – Matchboxes featuring a lipstick and a nail polish in exactly the same shade.

I love this idea, so simple, and despite not being a huge matchy-matchy fan when it comes to outfits and accessories, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of lip and tip matching, is there?!

It’s Nails Inc’s first ever duo nail and lip paints, curated and named by Lottie herself. Oh, and modelled beautifully by her as well – those nails!

First up, there’s Red, which features Rascal lips and Hell nails, a lovely tomato red.


If you prefer pink, check out Out Out lips and Buzzin nails


Babes lips and Mint nails are a warm mauve


And finally, Sick lips and Salt nails, are, according to Lottie a peachy golden fleek…

With Nails Inc’s colour authority and Lottie’s make-up and trend expertise joining forces, the powerful pairing see four more powerful pairings in Lottie’s favourite go-to shades.

This season for me, it is all about matching my lips and tips.  This is where the inspiration came for Matchbox, my first cosmetics collection with Nails inc. Whatever the time of year, anyone can rock these shades to switch up their look and the products were all named after words my friends and I use on a regular basis. I can’t wait to see everyone wearing the collection, I’m buzzin!!! – Lottie

I’ve not tried the Lip Paints, but they are meant to be densely pigmented, silky smooth, and=, of course, matte. They contain a breathable film of intense pigment that instantly bonds to the lips and treats them with skin-conditioning emollients, fruit extracts and vitamins.

The Gel Effect Nail polish is great – goes on beautifully, looks as shiny as any gel nail, and doesn’t chip too badly.

The packaging is cute, designed to replicate a small matchbox with an emery board side.

Lottie Tomlinson x Nails Inc Matchbox duos, £15 each, from Nails Inc counters and nailsinc.com now.