MAC and Star Trek Collection

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MAC always comes up with amazing collections, and the Star Trek collection does not disappoint. Trekkies will LOVE it, if they are makeup fans too, of course.

Okay, there aren’t really any new products -MAC aren’t going where they haven’t gone before on this one… sorry, I had to do it…., but the colours are fab, and there’s a lot of sparkle, which is never a bad thing!

MAC x Star Trek

Spanning half a century, Star Trek and its loyal fans cross generations, influencing ideas and aesthetics of gender, race and intergalactic potential. As the sci-fi saga continues with a new movie ( I can’t keep up!), M·A·C and Star Trek have joined forces in this exclusive makeup collaboration.

Of course, it has a cosmic feel to it, and the product names are just the best! And if you go to the MAC website, there’s a lot of fun extras in blog posts, and makeup videos.

MAC and the women of Star Trek

Let’s start with lips, and Lipglass (£16.50), which comes in four shades – Pleasure Planet,  muted gold shimmer, Khaaannnn!,  berry with red reflect, Set To Stun, light silver with gold pearl and Warp Speed Ahead,  plum with blue and pink reflects – see, told you the names were fab!

MAC Star Trek Lipglass

Lipstick (£17) comes in for shades too – The Enemy Within, frosted neutral gold shimmer, Where No Man Has Gone Before, pink with gold pearl lustre, Kling-It-On, deep purple with fine pink glitter frost, Llap, icy rose champagne frost

MAC Star Trek Lipstick
There are three shades of Trip The Light Fantastic Powder (£26.50), which is a lovely swirly powder to play with – Luna Luster, Strange New Worlds and Highly Illogical.

MAC Star Trek Powder

I love the Pressed Pigment Eye Shadow (£17.50) – they’re bigger than regular eyeshadows, and full of sparkly pigment. Choose from four shades – To Boldly Go, a reddish copper pearl, Midnight, a cobalt blue, Bird Of Prey, dark olive green pearl, The Naked Time, taupe pearl – all with sparkle.

MAC Star Trek Eyeshadow

My favourite product I’ve used from this collection is the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner (£17.50) in Pure Show, a bright yellow gold pearl – it is fabulous. Does not move! It also comes in On The Hunt, a true black, and Nocturnal, a bright silver pearl.

MAC Star Trek Eyeliner
Nail Polish (£11) comes in three shades, Skin of Evil, yellowish green with black chunks, Holla-Deck gold sparkle, and Enterprise, silver chrome.

MAC Star Trek Nails

The MAC Star Trek Collection is available now, from MAC locations, and – it’s Limited so get it now!