The Perfect #Selfie Products

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Sometimes, I get press releases that give me a bit of a laugh. Actually, scratch that, A LOT of the time, I get press releases that give me a bit of a laugh. This latest one did. How to get the Perfect #Selfie, it says, with just four products.

I know it’s just the PR showcasing their products, but it did make me smile. All that effort for a photo…!

Those four products are:

The Instant Whites  teeth whitening system (£29.99, Boots), a seven day swab system you just brush on to teeth and rinse off.

The  Proactiv+ 3-Step Core System (£19.99, providing a cleanse, treat and hydrate regime for blemish=prone skin. Target those spots with this set (which is actually four products)

The Perfect Selfie kit?

Embryolisse Complexion Correcting CC Cream (£32.95, Boots)  – a base that will make you look fab in photos.

Lord & Berry Luminizer Highlighter & Concealer Stick (£13, ASOS) – a highlighter and concealer, it’s fairly self-explanatory this one.

Each of these products is great, in their own right (well, maybe not the teeth one, I’m not a fan of teeth whtening anything). But I’d probably want to add a lot more for a perfect #selfie face. Red Lipstick for a start – I’m wearing Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Harlow Red in this #selfie if you’re interested.

Whilst applying my makeup yesterday morning, and taking this #selfie, I was reading about Alicia Keys and her #nomakeup campaign. The superstar judge on the American Voice has stopped wearing makeup, so her selfies need none of the above or anything else.

If that’s what Alicia wants to do, that’s brilliant. Until it gets preachy. And then it just becomes everything it has railed against. Will women now feel pressured into taking it all off, and putting their bare faces out there? If you want to, fine, but equally, if, like me, you love a red lip, and a load of makeup from time to time, or all the time, then go for it.

There should be no judgements in beauty and there should also be no rules about products you need to use before you take a #selfie. All I think you need, as well as the products you want, is a great big smile!