Elizabeth Arden's NEW Prevage Foundation and Brush

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It’s rare to get a foundation these days that is simply a foundation, and this new one from Elizabeth Arden definitely does not fall into that category. The new Prevage Anti-aging Foundation SPF30 is for women who want a gorgeous foundation, an extra layer of environmental protection, and anti-ageing benefits all in one product.

For over a decade, Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage skincare line has been at the forefront of environmental skincare protection. Now, for the first time, the brand is infusing Prevage technology into colour cosmetics with the launch of this innovative new foundation.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Foundation and brush

So, this foundation evens skintone, whilst helping to protect, visibly repair, and moisturise . It’s a liquid foundation, with medium coverage, and is infused with Idebenone — the world’s most powerful antioxidant (when compared to antioxidants in face products, Idebenone in Prevage surpasses ferulic acid, alpha lipoic acid, kinetin, vitamin C, vitamin E, ubiquinone and resveratrol in environmental protection against oxidative stress due to sun, smoke and pollution).

It also contains Hydra Pigments, to blur imperfections in the skin, all sorts of antioxidant ingredients, and vitamin C and L-Carnosine to boost skin’s own natural collagen, which we all know is all-important in anti-ageing.

And, to apply this new foundation, there’s a new brush. It’s dual-sided, with a larger, heart-shaped end to apply to the natural contours of the face, and a small, tapered brush at the other end which can be used to precisely apply, and blend concealer with the flattened tip.

When applying Prevage Anti-Aging Foundation, begin at the centre of the face, where the most discolouration occurs, and then blend outward to create an even and balanced complexion,” says Rebecca Restrepo, Elizabeth Arden’s Global Makeup Artist. “The heart-shaped end of the foundation brush fits the natural contours of the face, while the flattened tip brush at the opposite end is great for concealer and difficult to reach areas around the nose and the inner eye. The product that is left on the brush can be used to erase makeup mistakes.”

Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 30 £45, and Dual End Foundation Brush £25, available from September 1 at counters and elizabetharden.co.uk