Kate Moss Rimmel 15 collection

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It’s been 15 years since Kate Moss first started working with Rimmel, and to celebrate, the brand have launched a special-edition lip and nail collection in the supermodel’s favourite reds and nudes.

Since 2001, Kate has been the perfect muse for Rimmel. Always embodying the edgy styles and soul of the UK capital, she was the perfect original spokesperson for the ‘London Look’. And, she’s always been a Rimmel fan.

Kate Moss Rimmel 15 nudes and reds

I’m incredibly proud of my 15 year relationship with Rimmel. My first ever lipstick was a Rimmel Heather Shimmer,” she said (you and me, Kate!).

This new collection echoes some of my favourite London looks from the last decade and a half. I’ve focused on reds and nudes because they’re the colours I love to wear – each shade reflects a different side of me.”

There are three red lipsticks, and three nude lipsticks in the collection – each of them inspired by a classic Kate look.

Muse Red #51 us a rich, head-turning crimson inspired by Kate’s red-carpet elegance. Idol Red #52 is a lush, vibrant red inspired by Kate’s love of playful and rebellious fashion. And Retro Red #53 is a rich berry red that reflects the revamped 40s and 50s style that Kate adores.

Kate Moss red lipsticks for Rimmel

So, there’s the thing. I think Idol Red, with its scarlet shade is more retro than Retro Red, which seems more of a modern berry shade to me.

I also think that I much prefer Kate in her nude lip shots than the reds – she looks fresher and younger, what do you think?

The nude lips are Boho Nude #56, a warm, caramelised nude that complements Kate’s laid-back boho look. Rock N Roll Nude #54 is a peach-tinted neutral for party girls everywhere!

Kate Moss nudes for Rimmel

And My Nude #55 is a beige nude shade, for an everyday, understated casual chic.

There are three nails shades – one red and two nudes, all of them Super Gel Nail Polish, so you will need to follow them with the gel topcoat.

Rock N Sparkle #044 is a shimmering red, Boho-licious #015 is a suit-all creamy beige, and Gilty Pleasure #071 is a rose-gold.

Kate Moss Rimmel Reds

To celebrate the anniversary collaboration, we’ve got a fab Q&A with Kate.

What was your inspiration behind the shades?

To celebrate y 15 years with Rimmel, I wanted to bring back my all-time favourite nudes and reds.

What is different about this special anniversary collection?

I worked with the team to create a bespoke rose gold packaging to make it really special. The great thing about red and nude shades is that they are timeless, which means they will always be on trend.

If you were to pick a perfect occasion for each shade what would it be?

Muse Red is my go-to night out shade. Idol Red is for those days when I want something a bit edgier with my look. Retro Red is when I want a vintage look. The nude shades are typically more for  a day look, but with a strong eye you could also wear them at night. My Nude is my favourite classic nude shade – put it on and you ate done, ready for a work meeting or a shopping trip.

Kate Moss Rimmel Nudes

You also created three anniversary nail shades, what is your stance on coordinating lip and nail shades? Hit or miss?

Definitely a miss. You shouldn’t be trying to match perfectly. Find shades that really complement each other.

This collection celebrates 15 years of collaboration between you and Rimmel. What have been some of your favourite memories of these last 15 years?

Rimmel is one of the brands I hae been working with the longest. We got to know each other really well over the years. They indulge me with a lot of creative freedom to work on my collections. I wold have to say the most fun parts are shooting the ads. They have had me do the craziest things, and it’s always been fun.

How would you describe this relationship?


Is there one specific campaign that sticks out above the rest? A favourite?

One of my favourites was a lip TV ad where I got to crash a wedding, walk on the table and throw cake around the room. We really had a blast shooting it. They gave me real cake to throw at the camera which was fun. My all-time favourite,however, has to be this latest one, shot with Solve. Great atmosphere on set, as ever.

Rimmel London Kate Moss 15 Year Anniversary Collection, available nationwide now – lipsticks are £6.49 each, nail polishes are £5.99 each. Available at Boots and Superdrug, and visit rimmellondon.com