Father's Day Grooming Gifts

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Surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a grooming gift. He doesn’t need a new tool kit, an oversized Toblerone, or another silly slogan T-shirt, does he? But he probably does need some lovely grooming products in his life! I’m right, right?

Boots now stock a fab men’s beauty brand – Johnny’s Chop Shop. Fab packaging, good products with a healthy does of fun, and it’s cheap and cheerful.

My favourites include ever-popular Beard Oil Beard Maintenance Oil (£6), which is packed with natural oils – olive, almond, wheat germ and apricot kernel, and is also rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. Perfect for beardy dads, but it can also be used as a pre-shave oil should dad not have a beard, or feel like shaving his off!

I also like the Soul Balm Face Balm – Day or Night Formula (£7.50). It soothes and moisturises, and also has a mattifier in it to reduce shine. You can also use this as a tattoo moisturiser to being out vibrant colours. Ingredients include Avocado and Jojoba oils, glycerine, and aloe vera and witch hazel.

Johnny's Chop Shop Men's products


LUSH’s DAD Bath Bomb (£3.95) is a fun little gift for any dad, I love it. This Vegan bath bomb is packed with guaiac wood, sandalwood and olibanum and will give dad a deserved relax on Sunday. And it’s super cute.

Lush DAD Father's Day bath bomb


Lush’s sandalwood oil is sourced directly from an Aboriginal harvesting group based in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, where a quota system ensures that the trees are not over-harvested. For every kilo of sandalwood oil that Lush buy, Lush contributes 50 Australian dollars towards the Indigenous Working Fund for sandalwood, which provides interest-free lending to Aboriginal people, to help them develop their own harvesting businesses.So, your gift is sustainable as well as fab.

Treat dad to some other Sandalwood treats with Lush’s Smuggler’s Soul multi-purpose cream (£14.95). Fresh cucumber cools the body, hands and face while argan oil softens skin. And the sandalwood? Lush’s source is sustainable and ethical, but shining a light on the murky, sandalwood smuggling underworld must continue, hence the name of the range.

Father's Day Lush Sandalwood

Smuggler’s Soul facial scrub (£8.95) The intriguing, smoky notes of sandalwood in this fine scrub are provided, of course, by ethical, sustainable sources. Alongside its rich scent, bamboo granules exfoliate and brighten skin while fresh cucumber infusion cools.

The Smuggler’s Soul shampoo bar (£6.95) has chunks  of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter scattered through it. It’s hydrating, with cleansing lemongrass, and there’s that sandalwood again. Create a lather in the hands first, or glide straight over the hair to clean and add a curiously reassuring, woody fragrance.

Is your dad an Ernest? Maybe a Quentin? Or just a Lawrence? Even if he’s none of these by name, he can be by smell with these lovely scents from the Deco London fragrance company.

Lawrence is an Oriental Fougere fragrance, opening with aromatic lavender, clary sage and cassis, followed by a warm, exotic heart of jasmine geranium, ylang and patchouli. It has a lavish base of precious woods, amber, vanilla and alluring musk. It’s a super-sophisticated EDP.

Deco London Men's Fragrances

Quentin is a Woody Spicy EDP, opening with spicy cinammon bark and tarragon, with a heart of carnation and geranium. The dry down is woody, with patchouli, sandalwood, moss, leather and musk. This makes this an elegant and long-lasting scent.

My favourite, Ernest, is an Aromatic Soft Oriental. It opens with a burst of citrus, followed by a heart of lavender, tarragon, geranium and jasmine. A base of exotic amber, vanilla, woods and leather make this a timeless, classic scen. Dad will love it.

Each EDP is £75 for 100ml, and available from deco-london.com


Aveda has an extensive men’s range, in skincare, hair and grooming. If you want to treat your dad with something simple, then try their  Aveda Men Pure-Formance Dual-Action Aftershave (£28, aveda.co.ukwhich is just what a dad who favours functionality and efficiency needs. This multi-action aftershave crème  soothes  and relieves razor irritation and razor burn, as well as minimising ingrown hairs and minimising pores, for clear, healthy-looking skin.

Aveda Father's day gifts

If your dad is known to pinch a pump of your best styling product, then look no further than Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Clay  (£21). This is Aveda’s number one men’s styling saviour that provides texture, thickness and definition for a strong, matte finish.

This little lot should have your dad looking the best he ever has this Father’s Day!