Fudge Paintbox Rainbow Colours

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When my hair was bright red (which it was for six years, until February this year), inbtween salon visits I would top up the colour with Fudge Paintbox Hot Chilli.

Bizarrely, a few weeks after I stripped the red from my hair, Fudge launched their newly revamped Paintbox range of semi-permanent colours – and Hot Chilli was gone!

Fate, coincidence, fortuitous timing -whatever it was, it made me smile – I was clearly meant to change my colour, and, now, my new Fudge Paintbox top-up shade of choice is Coral Blush, to add peachiness to my colour when it fades. It’s a lovely shade, perfect on my hair.

Fudge Paintbox Colours

I have no complaints about this range. Fudge’s semi-permanents give great colour, it doesn’t cling too much to the hair, so it does wash out, and now they have a streamlined range of nine shades, with Whiter Shade of Pale, a mixer so you can lighten the shades to suit the current pastel hair trend, and it neutralises the brassiness in light shades. Rainbow hair with Fudge Paintbox


These new shades are perfect for the rainbow and pastel hair trends which still seem to be with  us  – who saw Kylie Jenner’s pink, green and yellow ombre at Coachella at the weekend? I think I preferred Poppy Delevingne’s peachy do – funny that!

It’s a bizarre one; that this pastel trend has lasted so long. My Little Pony hair is definitely a trend to be remembered from the 2010s!

I’m not sure how much high maintenance this Fudge rainbow effect would be, left, right enough! it’s hard enough maintaining one colour.


Fudge Paintbox Whiter Shade of PaleThe new core Fudge colours are Raspberry Beret, Gold Coast, Lilac Frost, Coral Blush, Red Corvette, Pink Riot, Turquoise Days, Chasing Blue and Purple People.

These core shades can be intermixed to create all sorts of colours, bespoke to you!

The colour generally lasts between 3-30 washes, and is best on light hair, obviously. The semi-permanent formulations are free of both ammonia and peroxide. And they are very conditioning.

The new Paintbox range now features 10 fabulous shades to make it more accessible for salons to stock,” says Tracy Hayes, Global Head of Technical Education, Fudge Professional.

“We’ve carefully selected each shade so they can be intermixed with one another, giving a limitless colour choice.

“We’ve of course kept our most popular Paintbox colour, Whiter Shade of Pale, which can be mixed with all the shades to make pastels and launched two brand new pastel shades which are perfect for spring/summer.”

Fudge Paintbox shades are £9.25 each, and Whiter Shade of Pale is £11.25, from salons. Visit fudgeprofessional.com for more info and stockists.