Charles Worthington's New Instant Root Concealer Powder

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When I first saw these root concealing powders, what, a few years ago, I was sceptical. I couldn’t try them either, as my hair was scarlet red, and they tended to just come in more natural shades.

But, since my hair makeover last month, my hair now falls into the more ‘normal’ category, so, when I was offered the chance to try the new Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder, I jumped at it!

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder

Charles Worthington had root concealers before, selling at the rate of one a minute, and now this new formula with brush is sure to sell the same way.

And…I think it’s great. Okay, it’s not perfect, but it’s not as gimmicky as I thought. After the first few powders took off, plenty more brands followed suit, and there are a few of then out there now. I can’t compare it to others, but on its own merits, it worked – see the photos for evidence.

You can still see where my root line is in the photo taken from above, but if you look straight on, everything blends. It’s quite easy to apply as well, you just sort of tap the brush against the area you want to cover, and the powder comes out.

Roots - no roots!

I’ve used the dark blonde shade here, and it matched my hair really well. I’d say, if you have a big night out just before your next salon appointment, then give these a go. I think because my natural hair has a lot of grey in it now, the powder colour did grasp better.

You can also use it to cover the odd grey in your hair. This new powder comes in four shades – Light Blonde, Dark Blonde, Brown and Dark Brown.

But how do they work?

The magical technology, Matte Veil, ensures the pigment particles temporarily bind to each strand of hair. The technology works by harnessing the moisturisers in the formula to surface coat each of the powder particles so that, on application, they instantly adhere to the hair and when they are dispensed through the genius brush applicator, the pigments produce a thinly coated layer of colour.

Other key ingredients include Iron Oxides, triple milled to produce a micro fine powder to aid spreading and even colour coverage; Corn Starch which
helps protect the scalp and absorb moisture and Dimenthicone to help condition the hair so it feels soft and silky.

And how should you best apply it?

The new range of Instant Root Concealer Powders are fantastic for hiding away those unwanted greys many women dread, in literally seconds,” says Charles Worthington brand ambassador Ken O’Rourke. “They are as easy to apply as blusher and I would recommend to all my lady clients to pop one of these powders into their makeup bag alongside their lipsticks and perfume.

“My top tip would be to tap the brush head firmly on a hard surface until the powder begins to release and then start to gradually build up the colour until you’re happy with the coverage. It’s so simple but so clever.”

Have you ever tried a root concealing powder? Let me know in comments.

Charles Worthington Instant Root Concealer Powder, £9.99, exclusively at Boots