Brows Are It say MAC!

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MAC has just launched a brand new brow collection with everything you will ever need (other than your own threader/waxer/plucker) to keep your brows on point!

Brows Are It with MAC

Brows shape your face. You need them!  MAC Senior Artist Cher Webb told me over lunch recently that she would take brows over mascara and lipstick on a desert island anytime! I agree. We sat down with Cher and asked her her views on brows, whose brows look the best, and how to get the best brows with MAC’s new collection.

5PM: So, Cher, why brows?

Cher: Brows have been a focus and on trend for years and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. People are more aware of how a gorgeous brow can flatter the face instantly and are keen to try and experiment new shapes and products. 

5PM: What’s your brow secret, Cher? How do we get great looking brows?

Cher: My brow secret is to use a combination of powder and pencil to create the desired effect. Brows will look authentic when you spend time creating real looking hairs in and around the brow area. Try M·A·C Eyebrow Pencils – Lingering is a great all round shade that suits light ashy blondes right through to brunette. For a deeper brown black tone try Stud Eyebrow Pencil – a signature product in my kit. Use an eyeshadow powder with an angle brush to set the pencil and to add a soft shadow. The M·A·C #266 brush is a neat and compact angular brush that makes application easy and fast!

Cher's best for brows

5PM: Whose brows are the best?

Cher:  Backstage at the fashion shows we are forever hearing reference to the ‘Cara’ brow. Then we are preening, drawing and enhancing a smaller brow to create the desired boyish brow look.  Consider the shape that flatters your natural features and eye shape, then tailor it to suit you – don’t copy anyone else’s brows exactly, it won’t work.

5PM: What brow products should we be investing in now?

Cher: MAC’s new Brows Are It collection includes everything you need to create your perfect brow. The big brow pencils are my new favourite, I use the Fling shade on my small brows every day and it works a treat! These pencils are large magic brow crayons that tint the skin and hair equally. You can achieve the most authentic brow shape with these waxy gems. Finish and groom your brows with M·A·C Clear Brow Set. The perfect setting gel for eyebrows, keeping every single hair in check!

Brows Are It!

The Brows Are It Collection is vast, and has every product in a multitude of shades for blondes, brunettes, and redheads of more than just one shade. I am also loving the new big waxy brow pencils – definitely worth checking out.

MAC Brows Are It

The collection includes: Brow Set (£14) in three colours, as well as clear, Eye Brows (£14), tin self-propelling pencils, in three shades, Veluxe Brow Liner (£16) in TEN shades, Big Brow Pencil (£16) – the big chunky one, in five shades, Fluid Brow GelCreme (£16) in three shades, and Brow Duo (£20) in three shades.

It’s available soon from all MAC locations, and (some products are available now).