Tea & Nails with Crabtree & Evelyn

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New nail polish is always a good thing, and at Crabtree & Evelyn, there are lots of lovely new spring shades to choose from. Oh, and whilst you’re at it, how about some detox tea?!

I had completely forgotten that Crabtree & Evelyn did teas and infusions (and biscuits, and sweets, and jams, but let’s not go there!), and very good for you ones at that.

Crabtree & Evelyn - Tea and Nails!

So, how about sitting back and relaxing in the last week of January with a lovely herbal cuppa, and a new nail polish. Perfect. Although I have to admit, I am not big on ‘infusions’. When I worked in a newspaper office, a colleague was forever brewing up some fruity concoction near me, and the smells used to make me queasy.

But, if you do want a cuppa that’s good for you, then give these a go. Crabtree & Evelyn have three detoxifying teas/infusions to choose from:

Mint Green Tea, good for nausea, indigestion, gas and headaches – don’t tell me you didn’t suffer at least one of those in January after the festive season!

Blackberry Green Tea, good for brain function, cholesterol and weight loss – this one fits in perfectly with my plans for the first few months of this year, and it’s not too fruity!

Camomile Tea, calming, and great for upset stomachs. I’m not a big fan of camomile, but sometimes there is a need.

Crabtree & Evelyn teas

So, the idea is to brew up a cup or pot of one of these lovely teas, and paint your nails whilst you wait, and whilst you sip, with one of the new shades. These lovely nail polishes are a decent price at £6 a pop, and they go on well, and last.

Choose from six fab new shades for spring:

Almond, a classic but never boring opaque pale beige neutral;  Azalea, inspired by its namesake flower, a lovely feminine pink;  Lilac, a rich creamy lilac shade; Mint, a cool mint for spring; Peaches & Cream, a peachy pink with a light opalescent shimmer, and Poppy, a rich pink-orange shade, vibrant and bright.

Or you could go for some other colours – Cinammon, a gorgeous golden bronze shade to keep that festive spirit alive, classic bordeaux red Pomegranate, or Sky Blue Nil, a nod to Pantone’s Serenity (one of the two colours of the year for 2016).

Crabtree & Evelyn Nail Colour

Crabtree & Evelyn nail polish, £6, and Teas, £2.50, available from Crabtree & Evelyn stores and stockists, and at crabtree-evelyn.co.uk