Estee Lauder Micro Essence Infusion Masks

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Skin feeling and looking a little bit tired and dull? Then what you need is a boost from Estee Lauder’s new Micro Essence Infusion face masks.

These new sheet masks (a pack of six will set you back £50), have been produced to complement Asia’s best-selling Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion, but can be used as stand-alone boosting skin treatment.

They are enriched with something called Micro-Nutrient Bio-Ferment, which is a silky, hydro-spun cotton essence-in-lotion. Ferments are something we’re set to hear a lot of in the beauty world in the next year or so, watch this space.

Estee Lauder Micro Essence Mask

Here’s a short science bit to try to explain more about these ferments – though it does seem a little bit vague.

Living organisms called extremophiles which have a natural ability to survive and thrive in some of the harshest environments on earth. Known as nature’s ‘ultimate survivors’, these extremophiles are able to repair their cellular damage through a unique composition of micronutrients and peptides.

To mirror this secret of natural cellular renewal, Estée Lauder has created the  exclusive Micro-Nutrient Bio-Ferment through a highly scientific process.  It features a unique calibration of micronutrients and peptides with a precise blend of ferments.

Anyway, this mask envelops skin in “a cocoon of deep nourishment”, providing intense hydration. Estee Lauder say skin will emerge “deeply hydrated, dewy fresh and translucent…with a youthful radiance that lasts all day”.

I’m not sure the mask did all of that for me, but my skin certainly felt good after it, but is that not the case with most face masks. I do like these sheet masks, even if you do look and feel a bit odd lying with one on – they’re a bit Michael Myers of Halloween infamy, right?!. They are nothing,  if not indulgent – and these definitely are at this price.

You are recommended to use twice a week, so a packet would last just three weeks -that’s quite an outlay for radiant skin.

They feel quite slippy, but that means there is plenty of product on there, so go with it. Once you have had it on your face for 10 minutes, take it off and work the residual product into the skin.

Estee Lauder Micro Essence Infusion Mask, £50 for pack of six, available late December, Estee Lauder counters and