Autumn, Chanel-style!

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Chanel have created two gorgeous collections for the last part of 2015. Their autumn colour collection has been on counter since the end of August, but I haven’t featured it let, and I can’t let it pass. Tomorrow we’ll explore Christmas with Chanel, but first autumn…

Les Automnales celebrates the shades of autumn; those gorgeous flamboyant reds, but also those beautiful khakis, browns, fawns, ochre and lush greens we see in the countryside at this time of year. Inspired by earth, bark, leaves and more, this is just a beautiful collection that sums up the brilliance and melancholy of autumn all at once.

The hero item of this collection is Entrelacs Creation Exclusive Eye Shadow Palette (£46), with five shades, inspired by nature, namely lunaria, planetree leaf, acorn, chestnut peel and helleborus flower.

Chanel Autumn Eyes

Stamped with a graphic motif inspired by Cistercian stained glass windows, this perfectly geometric interlacing is thought to have inspired Mademoiselle Chanel to design the iconic Chanel double C.

Les Automnales Les 4 Ombres (£40) in this collection has colours inspired by moss, eucalyptus flower, eucalyptus leaves and pine cone.

Shimmery single Illusion d’Ombre shades (£25) are inspired by Physalis and grey kyanite. Joues Contraste Blush (£31) in Alezane is inspired by willow catkin and eucalyptus leaf

Lips are inspired by varying leaves and plant shades and textures. Chanel lip colours are new in Rouge Allure, Pensive (£26) , Rouge Allure Velvet, La Bouleversante (£26) and Rouge Coco Shine, Melancolie and Temeraire (£25). There are Stylo Yeux Waterproof (£19) in four gorgeous shades.

Chanel Autumn Colours

I absolutely LOVE the inspiration from the three Les Automnales nail colours (£18) – an ocellated turkey feather! The three shades are Chataigne, a gorgeos deep plum, Ecorce Sanguine, a deep blood red, and Vert Obscur, a dark, moody teal green.

Chanel Autumn Nails

The collection is utterly beautiful, and so well thought through. Go see if it’s still on counter now!