Halloween Makeup Tutorials I Love

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So, I’m having a Halloween party – yay! I love Halloween, and dressing up, well, horribly. As I got married this year, I thought my husband and I would make the perfect Zombie bride and groom (don’t worry mum, I’m not going to wreck my actual wedding dress!).

The theme of fancy dress for my party is spooky/horror, and whilst browsing on the internet for Halloween makeup tutorials for Zombie bride, I came across so many amazing videos that I had to share some of them with you.

First up, Samara from The Ring, in a makeup tutorial that is almost as creepy as the actual film! Don’t watch alone!

Now, this one is an oldie, from PixiWoo, Emily the Corpse Bride. But it’s a goodie – it’s just so detailed, and yet looks relatively simple to do, if you just take the time to do it.

I toyed with the idea of going as Regan, the little girl possessed in 1970s horror classic, The Exorcist, and this tutorial is just incredible. It’s hugely detailed, but with practice and the right tools and products, probably do-able. And I just love the porridge oats vomit!

Now, this Zombie bride tutorial is SO good. It’s maybe not exactly how you want to do the makeup – am not loving the idea of the stick in/over my eye, but there are so many tips you can take from it.

For a much more simple Zombie look, I found this tutorial which makes use of everyday makeup items – mascara, eyeshadow, etc, with a few bits and bobs of cheap Halloween face paint makeup, to create a pretty decent Zombie look.

I think the best thing to do is to have a look at all the tutorials out there, and take bits from each of them and create your own look – maybe you might even create your own tutorial!

Here are a few Halloween makeup bits and bobs, I picked up recently to create my Zombie bride look.

Halloween Horror Makeup - How To

1. Fake Blood Spray, £1, Poundworld 2. Zombie Makeup Kit, £4.99, Smiffy’s 3. Latex broken bone scar, £3.29, Smiffy’s 4. Liquid Latex, £2.29, Smiffy’s 5. Gel Blood, £2.49, Smiffy’s 6. Fake Blood, £1, Poundworld  7. Fake Blood, £1, Clintons Cards 8. White Face Makeup, £2.79, Smiffy’s