Cult Beauty - Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

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Whilst it’s always great to celebrate new launches in the beauty world- and there are more than enough of them to do that on this blog every week – there are some cult beauty products we just love to celebrate. Classics that have stood the test of time, maintained their best-selling status, and products that many of us couldn’t live without. So, every week from now on we will give over a post to one of those cult beauty products.

First up is a classic that has been around for 20 years, and one that many of us can’t live without – Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (to give it it’s full title).

When Liz Earle laucnhed her company back in 1995 with four products, one of them Cleanse & Polish, little did she know then the global phenomenon her brand would be, thanks, in the main, to this one product.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cult Beauty product

It took me a while to fall under the Cleanse & Polish spell, but once I did, I was hooked. I don’t use it religiously, my job affording me the luxury of having other cleansers to choose from. But when I do, my skin thanks me for it by  glowing and my other half thanks me for the simplicity and ease of using it, limiting my time in the bathroom of an evening.

Cleanse & Polish, the original, is packed full of natural plant-based and derived ingredients like beeswax, eucalyptus Liz Earle Pink Pepper & Mint Cleanse & Polishand hops extract, as well as glycerin, cocoa butter, and much more.

The Eucalyptus gives the products its distinctive smell – a clean, fresh, almost medicinal scent. I wasn’t always a fan. I found the smell overpowering, but I loved the product so much, I got over that.

Since its inception, Cleanse & Polish has never changed its ingredients, apart from in special Limited Edition formulas. This year there have been more than a few of those, to celebrate the brand’s 20th birthday, including the lovely Pink Pepper & Mint version, but my favourite has to be the Sweet Orange & Mint that I am currently using.

The scent is so light it’s barely there, and that’s why, I think, I love it so much. I can just smell a hint of orange and mint, and all of the lovely skincare benefits are still there.

Most importantly with this product, being a cleanser, is its ability to cleanse. Which is second to none. It takes off everything.

And it’s so easy to use.

Pump into your hand, massage onto your face, eyes and all, and use your muslin cleansing cloth, in hand hot water, to wipe it all off.

And here’s a little beauty hack for you – sometimes, to avoid my cloth becoming stained black and red (eyeliner and red lipstick fans will understand), I use wet cotton pads for those parts, and then my muslin cloth.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish full deserves its cult beauty product status, because one sells, apparently,  every thirty Liz Earle Sweet Orange & Mint Cleanse & Polishseconds, worldwide. If you haven’t purchased, and feel like following the cult, then you can now start off with a 50ml size for just £9, from Liz Earle locations, stores, and online at

* For Christmas, Cleanse & Polish will come in the lovely containers pictured here, celebrating the festive season and those 20 years. Cleanse & Polish Pink Pepper & Mint Limited Edition, 150ml, with two gold-trimmed cloths, £20.75, Sweet Orange & Mint Limited Edition, 50ml, with one gold-trimmed cloth, £9.75, and Cleanse & Polish Christmas Edition, 150ml, with two cloths, £20.75.