Alpha-H Liquid Gold is 15!

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Are you familiar with Australian skincare brand, Alpha-H? If not, then I suggest you get yourself familiarised with them immediately! One of my faves, their cult product and best-seller is Liquid Gold, and it’s 15 years old this year!

To celebrate Alpha-H, who regularly sell on TV shopping channel, QVC, are today’s TSV – Today’s Special Value – with a brilliant deal.

For 24 hours, the offer is a set of three Alpha-H Liquid Golds – 1 50ml, 1 100ml and 1  200ml,  and the price will be under £40. Normal retail price would be £95, so that’s a pretty good saving.

Alpha H Liquid Gold QVC offer

What is Liquid Gold?

Liquid Gold is essentially a peel, with Glycolic Acid. Really, it’s a no-fuss, one-step facial. It’s a toner, and exfoliator, a serum, and a moisturiser. It’s so easy to use – you just wipe it on and leave it. It was one of the earliest skincare products to bridge between the beauty counter, and invasive treatments. It evens out skin, gives you that radiance you are looking for, without you having to head for the clinic.

You use Liquid Gold at night, whilst you sleep. As well as the Glycolic Acid, there’s Licorice Extract, and those two ingredients are key. “Just two simple components working synergistically to provide unparalleled results” says Michelle Doherty, Owner and Director of Alpha-H.

And it works. Liquid Gold is loved by customers, celebrities, and makeup artists alike. It is an anti-ageing product, and works wonders on mature, sun damaged, prematurely ageing and acne-scarred skin.

Use it very carefully though – apply Liquid Gold onto cleansed skin every other evening. Moisten cotton pad with solution and apply to face, neck and décolletage. When the skin is touch-dry apply moisturiser or serum. For an intensive treatment, don’t follow with moisturiser or serum.

For more info, visit Alpha-H website, and for more info on the TSV visit QVC