Joyride with Bedhead

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I can remember when TIGI launched the original Bed Head product, which was (and still is) ‘a hairstick for cool people’. I think that was about 12 years ago, and since then Bed Head has developed from just one wax stick to a whole range of all sorts of products for your hair.

The latest product is JOYRIDE. The ad campaign says it’s for ‘thrill seekers’, and call me an old fuddy-duddy if you Bedhead JOYRIDE Texturizing Powder Balmlike, but I don’t really know how comfortable I am with naming a product after something that may be thrill-seeking, but is also really dangerous, and mostly illegal.

So, let’s pretend it’s not called Joyride, and focus on the actual product and not the stupid name.

This is, TIGI, say, the world’s first Powder Primer Balm (PP Balm) for hair. It’s not a powder, let me make that clear. It’s a balm, that is made from fine, invisible powder. It adds tecture and grip to your hair, making styling easier.

It has a ground-breaking formula, according to TIGI, and has taken their International Creative Team over three years to develop. The formula uses “platinum charged and custom engineered elastomer molecules”, generally found in skincare, which prime hair for a unique, non-slip feel. There is a bit of silica in there too.

What does it do?

Well, it promises to:

Prevent first day fluffiness

Prime hair for easier styling by adding grip

Add texture and definition

De-frizz and smooth.

And does it?

In short? Yes. Despite the silly name, I have to say that this hair product is the first one I’ve tried in YEARS that I really like. It did deal with that first day fluffiness you get when you have freshly washed hair. I hate freshly washed hair. I like to wash mine once a week if I can, but when I am out running, etc, I have to wash more often, and this really did ‘dirty it up’ a bit.

It’s a clear, soft formula, not like a gel or a lotion, but, to me, really like a facial mattifying product. Hard to explain, but unlike any other hair product I’ve tried.

I used it the day of washing my hair on damp hair, from the mid sections to the ends, and then blow dried, and I could see right away that I had more texture to my style. I then used it the following day on dry hair, again to add more texture, and it worked really well.

It’s not a product for those of you who want silky, shiny hair. It’s for those who want texture, want to rough their hair up a bit. Perfect for 1970s-inspired, middle-parted styles.

I am not forgiving it’s stupid name, but I do like the product a lot.

TIGI BED HEAD JOYRIDE Powder Primer Balm, £16.95, is available from September 1, from salons,,, and

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