Double Lining with Bobbi Brown

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Bobbi Brown’s latest makeup technique, Double Lining, comes straight from New York Fashion Week. Bobbi works at NYFW and is constantly inspired by the makeup artists she works with.

This technique has been perfected by Bobbi and those artists, and is a pretty interesting and new technique that we can all have a bash at.

Bobbi Brown 'Double Lining' Kate Upton

The idea is to give eyes serious definition by layering liners along the top lash line. Begin by lining the top lash line with Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, and then, before it sets, blend in a deep shade of powder shadow.

There are no hard and fast rules with this technique though. No matter the layer, be it neatly smudged or neatly lined, and no matter the formula, powder or gel, layering lines makes eyes stand out. Double the line means double the drama.

Bobbi Brown Caviar Ink EyelinerTo accompany the launch of this new technique, Bobbi has launched new shades of eyeshadow and her signature Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.

There are three new Limited Edition Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (£18.50) shades – Patina Ink, Dark Chocolate Ink, and Hunter Ink, and three new Limited Edition Eye Shadow (£17.50) shades –Eclipse, Chocolate Caviar, and Ivy.

And of course you need tools to create this Double Lining look – try the new Ultra Precise Eye Liner Brush (£22.50), which is a finer version of the Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush, and allows you to apply a fine line of powder, gel, or both.

Bobbi Brown brushes are brilliant, and this is a very precise tool, eyeliner fans!

Bobbi’s top tip for this look?

 Bobbi Brown does Double Lining

When Double Lining with Long Wear Gel Eyeliner and Eye Shadow, line eyes one at a time to make sure the gel liner is still slightly ‘ wet’ when you apply the shadow, so that it blends with the shadow. Double Lining is a great way to perfect your Long Wear Gel Eyeliner technique. Application should be generous enough to be visible when the eyes are open.

All of the new Bobbi Brown Double Lining products are available from August at Bobbi Brown counters, and at