Colour Your Way with Boots No7

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Today sees the launch of a new colour cosmetics campaign from Boots No7, using  contradictory statements about colour and feeling -think ‘serious pink’ and ‘quiet red’. No7 say it’s inspired by the belief that women use cosmetics to bring out how they’re feeling, not to cover themselves up.

No7 want us to feel great about beauty and ourselves – they don’t want us to feel bound by accepted colour associations, or pressured by latest trends. Apparently, says No7, independent research states that only 13% of women like to follow fashion trends in colour cosmetics, and less than a fifth (14%) feel confident experimenting with bright looks.

No7 Electric Nude and Cool Orange

Now, No7 want to change that. Which is where I get a bit confused. This is the same brand who wants us to go and get our lip colours matched to our skintone with that fancy new-fangled matching machine they have, conforming to ‘make up rules’. I’m not getting this, I have to say, it’s a little bit of a contradiction in itself, no?

No7 Campaign Serious Pink

And I have to say I am not entirely convinced by this campaign message. It’s clever, but if you are feeling quiet and mellow, would you really, as No7 say. want to express it with a pop of red lipstick? I’m not so sure. And bringing our your bright side, with a splash of grey? I just don’t get it. I must be missing something. Grey will never ever say ‘bright’ to me.

Eleanor Forbes, a fashion buyer, pictured above, in the pink advert, explains: “It was a bit odd at first, when being photographed, to try and be serious when wearing pink because I always associate pink with fun! But now I feel great wearing pink on other occasions rather than just when I’m feeling girly.

So, No7 are, as far as I can gather, saying that even if you are feeling serious, or going to work in a serious environment, then you can still wear bright pink lipstick. I can see the idea behind the concept, but I find it a bit contrived. If you want to wear red lipstick, blue nail polish or pink lipstick, then just wear it. If people don’t like it, that’s their problem, not yours. Of course, if your job dictates you can’t, then you can’t.

NO7 Fiery Blue and Hot Green

Anyway. The wee bit odd message aside, I do love the new campaign images, and the fact that No7 are using real women again, and none of the images have been retouched or airbrushed.
No7 Quiet Red and Sunny Grey
I’m just not entirely convinced by its message. Having said that, they have managed to make grey look very sunny in this image, agreed?!