Candle with Benefits

2 min read

Occasionally I get VERY excited about a beauty product, particularly a multi-purpose product – I like innovation in the beauty world. So, when this lovely Oskia Rose De Mai Massage, Body Oil and Treatment candle landed on my desk, I was intrigued – and excited.

Oskia Rose Candle

Made using the finest May Rose, nourishing soya and coconut oil this super candle is a lot more than just a candle. It’s so natural that the blend of beeswax, soybean and coconut oil is packed full of skin smoothing omegas, vitamins and minerals, and can be used on the body, or face as a beautiful oil.

You can use it as a massage oil, or simply as a body or facial oil. It’s so easy. You just light the wick, let it burn for around ten minutes, snuff it out, and then pour the warm oil onto your skin to nourish, soften and hydrate.

The candle is houses in a clever jar-like holder, so pouring is easy, and it comes with a little lid to pop on after the candle is extinguished.

Oskia Multi-purpose Candle

This oil smells SO good. If you like rose, and real rose fragrances, not the old-school synthetics, then you will love this. I think it would make the most wonderful gift, agreed?

It’s a similar price to many other top-end brand candles out there, but it has more than one use, so it’s actually a bit of a bargain!

The OSKIA Rose De Mai Candle is available from Space NK, priced £34.50. For more on Oskia, visit