Alpha H Absolute Eye Cream SPF15

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Here’s one to set the TV timer for – the launch of a brilliant new Alpha H product as part of a QVC TSV (that’s a Today’s Special Value, in QVC-speak!).

Let’s deal with that deal first. The date is August 13, and the Alpha H Absolute Eye Cream SPF15 will launch on that date exclusively as part of this deal. The TSV will be priced under £40 and will contain the new full size Eye Cream (usual price £46), a supersize 500ml cleanser (choice of Balancing Cleanser or Triple Action Cleanser usual price £35.50) and a 100ml Liquid Gold (usual price £33.50).  How much of a mega saving is that?!

Alpha H products are brilliant. If you haven’t tried them, why not? Get on to QVC on August 13th, and snap up this deal! So, let’s look at this new Absolute Eye Cream, and why you should buy it.

Alpha H Absolute Eye Cream SPF15

Well, as we all know, the very expressions we use to communicate our emotions to others are partly responsible for the development of wrinkles.  Facial muscle contractions combined with environmental factors, lifestyle stress, fatigue and the passage of time, slowly form gentle creases, which over the years can become deeply etched furrows. How nice!

Tear Trough

To combat this, lots of us turn to costly dermal fillers to treat the loss of volume and elasticity in the area between the lower eyelid and upper cheekbone, which, did you know, is commonly referred to by cosmetic surgeons as the ‘Tear Trough’. This ‘hollowing’ creates a shadow under the orbital bone, one which gives the impression of being permanently tired and less youthful. And who wants that?

So, instead of turning to fillers, Alpha-H has formulated a new kind of daily eye treatment for you instead. They say it’s the perfect synergy of science, aesthetics and nature’s finest antioxodants, which will stimulate collagen production, increase skin firmness and diminish wrinkle depth. To do this, Alpha H are using three brand new peptides –   – Uplevity™ Serilesine™ and Relistase™.  Research indicates that after repeated application of these peptides, the complexion becomes smoother and more even toned, expression lines are diminished and the skin thickens and exhibits greater elasticity. Perfect!



Now, this eye cream also has an SPF15 incorporated, because, did you know that the orbital bone is also prone to sun damage. Did you know that exposure to the sun’s damaging UVA rays accounts for 80% of all skin ageing?

And whilst you can use sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glare of the sin, the outer orbital area of the complexion is unprotected and absorbs extremely high doses of UVA into skin, which, in that area, is demonstrably thinner
and more fragile than the rest of the face. This daily UV bombardment can lead to leads to hyperpigmentation under the eye, and a  degradation of skin texture and tone, including yellowing.

Alpha H Absolute Eye Cream is tinted

The SPF in this eye cream contains the latest super lightweight broad-spectrum UVA/UVB filters, moisture-binding Niacinamide and New Zealand Pine Bark Extract (Enzogenol), a powerful antioxidant, derived from one of the oldest tree species on the planet.

This potent free radical scavenger has been clinically proven to offer greater anti-oxidative benefits than even Vitamin C.

Precise, on-the-spot application, is provided by the cool-touch ceramic applicator wand, which  tightens, refreshes and relieves fatigue. The eye cream also contains nourishing caffeine extract and optical light diffusors, giving it it’s tint (but it’s not a concealer, or a tinted cream) to help help to diminish shadows and imperfections. It feels really smooth to apply, cooling and once on, you don’t feel it, and make up and concealer can be applied perfectly on top of it.

If you want to try a new eye cream, I suggest you get onto QVC on August 13, and get some Alpha H in your life.

Alpha H Absolute Eye Cream SPF15 is available exclusively on QVC as part of the TSV on August 13. Alpha H products can be found at,,, and QVC, amongst other stockists.