After Sun

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What do you use after a day in the sun – particularly if you have overdone it a bit, and are a wee bit pink – or even lobster-red. But let’s hope, after reading our facial suncare, and body suncare posts, you won’t be the latter.

After sun is a tricky one. Do you buy a specific after sun or do you just use your favourite body moisturiser? I would say carry both. Most after sun creams (and lotions and sprays, etc) have cooling agents in them, so they calm down any heat, as well as rehydrating the skin.Palmer's Cocoa Butter makes fab After Sun

I do love a big bottle or tub  of Palmer’s Cocoa butter  (from around £2.79, holiday though, the smell is so delicious, and it is a great after sun product. And their Coconut Oil range has a real ‘holiday’ feel about it, thanks to the Tahitian Monoi oil and Tiare flower petals.

But, you might want a wee bit more from your after sun care. I have to say that Lancaster seems to have the market cornered when it comes to after sun care.

All of them are labelled ‘Tan Maximizer’ because they all contain  Reinforced Tan Activator Complex (TAC) developed for a prolonged natual melanin release in the skin, to boost tan, as if you were still exposed to the sun. Lancaster promise to prolong your tan by a month using these products.Witchcraft!


Let’s start with their Sublimating Oil Repairing After Sun (£24, selected Debenhams,, which is a satin oil. You can use it on the face and body and it dries in pretty much instantly which is a plus. It doesn’t feel as if it has much of a soothing or cooling sensation  though, so perhaps not one for you if you are a wee bit burnt!

However, if that is the case, then you will love Lancaster’s Instant Cooling Mist Repairing After Sun (£23). This spray is just for the body and is utterly refreshing. I can just imagine how cold and wonderful it would feel on slightly burnt and hot skin!

Don't Forget The After Sun..Finally, the more traditional Soothing Moisturizer Repairing After Sun (£22). A classic After Sun, with tan maximising properties, squirt this on and rub it in – and scream like an idiot when you get someone else to put it on that red patch on your back!

Kiko Milano suncare offers a classic After Sun Milk (£11.10,, soothing and moisturising, it smells delicious, and is enriched with Polynesian Sea Water which helps the skin stay soft and moisturised. I love the smell of this one so much, I know I would use way too much – but it does say apply generously!

These are just a tiny selection of After Sun products out there. What are your favourite After Sun products? Any tips for sunburned skin?