Aveda Thickening Tonic

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Apparently, when we claim we want volume in our hair, we actually mean thickness. According to Aveda, and lovely expert Bea Watson, who I shared breakfast with the other week, to chat all things hair, thickening is a real issue for many women.

Bea explained that, although we think it’s just volume we need, what we are actually looking for is the thickening of our hair, strand by strand, not just adding a bit of volume to the roots, and then watching it wilt as the day goes on.

Aveda’s new Thickening Tonic Styling Spray will give you the bulk you crave, expanding every strand of your hair. it does this by bonding to your hair, adding a layer that makes each strand instantly thicker, from root to end. The hero ingredient in this product, which has a 97% naturally derived formula, is Amla.

Aveda Thickening Tonic

Amla is an Ayurvedic herb used by the people of India for centuries for healthy-looking hair, to help thicken each individual strand for lasting, thicker, fuller hair. The formula also contains Wheat Protein to protect against thermal damage from heat styling, and naturally derived Acacia Gum which acts as a hair thickening agent to help provide lightweight body to the hair, and Corn-derived Polymer, a natural film forming Polymer, which delivers hold.

So, who do we use this miracle product for thick, glorious locks. Over to Bea, Aveda’s Global Educator, Styling.


“Invest in the right brush to detangle and help distribute the product evenly through out the hair to create the perfect foundation before blow-drying,” says Bea. “I suggest using the Aveda Paddle Brush after showering on wet hair.”


“Shake well,” says Bea. “So many people don’t shake products, and you really should. Then, apply in section from the roots to the end, and comb through. Apply in sections as you blow-dry, rather than to the whole head at once. If you do this, the product will air-dry into the hair, and this can cause unwanted frizz and fluffiness.”


Always create the parting you want before you start to blow-dry and place your product around it to help your hair fall the way you want it to,” says Bea. “Start blow-drying at the section where you want it to appear fullest – usually at the root/crown area – and start by lifting the hair up vertically and directing the air-flow into the root, and upwards along the hair shaft, using the nozzle. So many people don’t use the nozzle- but you must. You should also use high-heat and low speed to control the air-flow and help avoid heat damage, or low heat and high-speed. But never high on both settings!”


Thickening Tonic has a fantastic gritty teture that helps to stop the hair from slipping which is ideal for creating fuller, thicker-looking blow-dries,” says Bea. “It’s also brilliant for up-dos, such as the on-trend top knot, or a low ponytail, with lift at the crown. The thing I love about this new product is it can be used on all hair textures.”

So, there you go, now all you have to do is get your hands on a bottle of this new product, and go perfect that at-home blow dry. I have had a go and I am impressed. My hair is wavy, is reasonably thick, but has thinned down over the years with it being over-processed thanks to all the hair colour. I found this new product added that bit of thickness and bounce all over that I had been lacking of late. Hooray again for Aveda!

Aveda Thickening Tonic Styling Spray, £20, available now from Aveda salons and spas nationwide, and aveda.co.uk