Creme de la Mer's NEW Reparative Skin Tint

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Creme de la Mer fans will love the NEW Reparative Skin Tint SPF30. Creme says it is ‘far beyond a BB, and light years past a CC’. I’d say it was pretty similar to both of those. It gives you a healthy tint, whilst simultaneously working to repair and protect the look of your skin.

I’ve used this for a few weeks, and there are a couple of things I would say. Don’t use it on top of serum and moisturiser – you don’t need to, and if you do, it won’t blend well – it comes off in little bits all over your face – not a good look.

But, what that tells me is that it is very rich, and that even with my dry skin, I don’t need a moisturiser underneath it. Bonus.

Creme de la Mer's Reparative Skin Tint

The colour from this tint really is just that – a tint. But if you are comfortable with little or no coverage from a skin tint, you will love it. I love a fresh skin tint, particularly in the summer. The translucent pigments in this instantly even and perfect your complexion, but your own skin shines through – perfect for  those of us who want little or no coverage.

So, what’s in this lovely tint? Creme’s Perfecting Ferment – powered by Deep-Sea red Algae, which is known for its ability to store and release energy as needed.

The Miracle Broth is present, of course, that secret ingredient of all Creme products, derived from sea kelp. The Translucensea Ferment fights discolouration and helps with signs of ageing. I get a bit confused by all these Ferments in Creme de la Mer – they sort of hide the actual ingredients, but well, that’s Creme for you!

This skin tint contains SPF30 and Lime Tea Concentrate for its antioxidant properties. I’m not even going to go into the Positively and Negatively charged molecules and how the skin tint is driven into your skin, because, I have to admit, it always just sounds a bit mad to me.

Saying all of that, I do like this product a lot – my skin felt beautiful with it on, all glowing and fresh.

Creme de la Mer Reparative Skin Tint SPF30, £65, available at Creme de la Mer counters, and, now.