Estee Lauder's Crowning Glory

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Have you had a look at the Estee Lauder blog, the Estee Edit yet? It is lovely. If you are a fan of Estee Lauder, and Aerin Lauder, then I would suggest having a wee look.

One of the nicest posts on recently is all about how to create a stunning floral crown, inspired by Lauder’s classic scent, Pleasures.

The Estee Edit Crowning Glory

It’s classic Lauder, of course – almost too perfect to be true – and I am not sure if I tried, I’d be able to ably replicate the stunning floral crown created by By Appointment Only Design’s Javier Salvador, who, it seems, is a bit of a dab handat this sort of thing!

“It’s something quite fun and quite romantic,” the London-based floral maestro confirms from his popular Marylebone styling and concierge headquarters, which has become a destination for discerning brides, businesswomen, and entertainers in the know.

If you are London-based, you could always go along to one of his masterclasses – he has three different course options for aspiring florists and fresh stem enthusiasts.

Estee Edit Floral Crown Tutorial

But, if you want to have a go yourself, there is a tutorial on the Estee Edit post – although it does rather simplify what I think might be quite a difficult task! Estee Lauder Pleasures

The lovely crown features the beautiful rose – Estée’s favourite flower and the base of the brand’s best-selling Pleasures,Youth Dew, Beautiful, and Knowing fragrances.

Pleasures  – how long is it since you had a smell of that classic? And did you know it was launched 20 years ago this year?

And, did you know that there are actually quite a few other versions of Pleasures?

Pleasure Bloom, Eau Fraiche, Exotic, Flower, Intense, all sit with the classic fragrance at the moment, but there have been LOADS of incarnations and versions of the classic in the last 20 years, since its launch in 1995.

Which Pleasures would you choose? And how do you think you’d get on creating this beautiful floral crown?!

Visit The Estee Edit for more info on Estee Lauder, more fun posts like this, and lots of fantastic brand history.

Pleasures is available on Estee Lauder counters, and at, from £23 to £70