St Tropez tanning tips

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St Tropez is a byword for fake tan really, isn’t it? Kate Moss is their current campaign face – and body, of course – and how I wish I could achieve her gorgeous tanned perfection!

Let’s be honest, fake tan can go well, or, well, it can go horribly wrong. The latter has happened to me on more than one occasion, by my own hand. I’m just not that great at applying it. So, any fabulous tan deals on the 5pm Spa & Beauty site are most welcome to me!

But, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Look at the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger at the Olivier awards this week, with the most gorgeous tan. She looked amazing. As does Kate Moss in her St Tropez shoot images.

How to and how not to tan


Way back when fake tanning wasn’t a thing, Elizabeth Taylor sported a tan. Her 1970s tan was thanks to plenty of time spent on yachts, in the full-on sunshine. How old does she look here? And she’s only 29! She was truly beautiful, but this tan aged her! I’m also not getting on board with Chloe Sims and Frankie Essex from TOWIE, with their radioactive tans!

So, tan can be difficult. But, with a little bit of help, and the right products, you can achieve a gorgeous golden glow for summer at home.

St Tropez Tanning Expert Jules Heptonstall offers up a few simple tips to getting your fake tan just right for any summer event (that’ll be my own wedding, then!)

Two days before your event, use St Tropez Body Polish (£10) to remove dead skin cells and freshen up the appearance of your skin,” says Jules. “You may also want to wax or shave at this time.”

One day before your event, remove all makeup and deodorant and apply St Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturiser (£10) to hands, feet, knees and elbows,” says Jules. “Then, for a classic golden colour, sweep St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse (£20.43), starting at the ankles, and working your way up.

St Tropez - Perfect Fake Tan

Apply two coats of mousse to the body – don’t be worried about overlapping each layer, it will minimise the chance of streaking. Leave your face, hands and feet until last. Leave on for eight hours, and rinse away the guide colour to reveal your golden tan.

“Before you leave for your event, apply St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil (£25) all over, paying particular attention to the decolletage, shoulder and shins, for a beautiful gleam which looks incredible in photos.”

Easy! If you want to try Jules’s tanning tips, then all of the products mentioned can be found on