Jo Malone London Girl Poppy Delevingne

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Jo Malone London has revealed their first ever celebrity face – model and designer, Poppy Delevingne.Poppy is the first ever ‘Jo Malone London Girl’.

Jo Malone has chosen Poppy for her “cool style credentials, and quirky Britishness“. They believe she is the quintessential Jo Malone London Girl, as she embodies “the globally renowned fragrance and lifestyle brand’s spirit of sophistication, originality, wit and hospitality.

Jo Malone face, Poppy Delevingne

Hmmmm. I never really think of wit and hospitality when I think of Jo Malone London, but there you have it!

Poppy, it would seem is a big Jo Malone fragrance fan, which is always a good thing for a brand face!

“I’ve been wearing Red Roses since I was 22,” she revealed. “The first thing that drew me to my husband James was his scent, and when I asked him what it was he said, Amber & Lavender. My home is overflowing with Jo Malone London candles and I scented my wedding with Orange Blossom, which still gives me butterflies. Jo Malone London is woven into the fabric of my life and I couldn’t be happier to be working with a brand I love so much.”
An international model, designer and fashion ambassador, Poppy is perfect to represent Jo Malone London globally.

Jo Malone London havent just brought beautiful Poppy on board for her looks, though. She will offer them her expertise and dynamism, and contribute to a lot of projects over the next year.

To start, Poppy will curate and host a series of special events – both grand and cosy – and will actively share the brand with her many friends the world over.
Poppy is such a dedicated, vivacious character, with huge international appeal. As a long time
Jo Malone London devotee, and true English rose, this feels like an incredibly natural appointment,” says Global General Manager, Jean-Guillaume Trottier. “Her personality is infectious, she is a joy to be around and brings a sense of celebration to everything she does.

If you want to chat more on Instagram about this announcement then follow @JoMaloneLondon and @PoppyDelevingne with the hashtag #JoMaloneLondonGirl

(I’ll follow her on Instagram when she sorts out the misplaced apostrophe in her Instagram profile!)