Blonde like Kim Kardashian?

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So, it wasn’t Kim’s backside that broke the internet, in the end – it was her hair. Yep, it seems that even in 2015, someone bleaching their dark hair blonde is, well, quite frankly, AMAZING. kim kardashian blonde hair

But it’s not really, is it? In these modern times we live in, those hairdressers can work magic. Although, granted, going from dark to blonde in a day is not really achievable – or advisable.

I know, I’ve been there. It took me longer than a day – a lot longer, and it didn’t break the internet. Not that I am aware of, anyhow.

It also provoked a strong reaction in my hairdresser, sort of sobbing-like, when I stated I was fed-up of my (dyed) black locks, and felt like lifting it up to blonde.

That’s why I loved this meme that was doing the rounds on social media after Kim revealed her blonde locks!

It took a long process of lifting to auburn, then to a lovely tinted, natural blonde, and then I demanded it be bleached, it looked great, for a short time, and then it all broke off, and so I was back to red again, and here I am, still red, five years later.

Platinum blonde hair is, always has been, and always will be, very cool. But, it’s also hard work. I also became obsessed with how ‘white’ blonde it was, and used WAY too much silver tint and shampoo. merle blonde hair kim kardashianThat’s me blonde, there, in those photos…!

So, have a long, hard, think before you decide you want to follow Kim’s lead and release your inner blonde Goddess. And, anyway, don’t you think she looks much better dark?!

If you do go blonde, look after it. We asked Fudge Professional’s Head of Colour, Tracy Hayes, for her tips on how to make sure your hair stays in tip top condition.

Always go to a professional to avoid any disasters,” Tracy advises. “They can also give you a skin test to ensure that you will not have an allergic reaction before going for the big change. Invest in a deep conditioning treatment such as Fudge Professional 1shot+ Spray (£10.45) You can either apply in the morning as you style your hair or just before bed.


Purple shampoos are your best friend to prevent blonde hair from getting that brassy/orange tone to it and encouraging the ashy tones in platinum hair to shine,” Tracy explains.  “Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Violet Shampoo & Conditioner (£11.95 each) are a dream team together. Leave the Shampoo in for 1-10 minutes, depending on how intense you want the results to be, whilst the Conditioner is less intense and focuses more on nourishing the hair.”

And this last one, is very important. If you do go blonde, take Tracy’s advice on this, and avoid the broken off look I ended up sporting.

Fudge Blonde Hair care

“Embrace your natural hair texture,” says Tracy. “When hair is so highly colour treated, you will want to avoid heated tools on the hair as much as possible. Spritz on some Fudge Professional Salt Spray (£11.45) and leave in two French plaits overnight for some loose and beachy waves. Your hair will thank you for it!”

All Fudge Professional products are available at salons, and at, and visit for more info.