Do or Dye Hair Academy tonight!

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Ever fancied being a hairdresser? Then you must tune into BBC One Scotland tonight at 7.30pm for Do or Dye Hair Academy. Filmed at Glasgow salon group Rainbow Room International’s hair academy, it’s a brilliant insight into the life of a trainee hairdresser.

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Meet Binky, Angel, Alijah, Austin and Syd – some of those are not their real names, but their salon names – all is explained in the show! Narrated by Edith Bowman,the first episode includes T in the Park work and fun, and a brilliant X-factor style moment when auditons are held to see who will feature on this year’s charity recording with salon director, David.

Rainbow Room International was founded by Alan and Linda Stewart in 1979 in Glasgow’s Buchanan Street. There are now 12 Rainbow Rooms, across Glasgow, Stirling and Ayr, and the Academy opened in 2003, and trains 80 students a year.

Leigh is in charge and her no-nonsense style keeps the wannabe stylists in line… “You wont be off sick…you’d need to have broken legs, be bleeding from every orifice, or be highly contagious,” she warns her students.

The first episode is brilliant – watch out for the changing hair colour of the students throughout the show, the name Binky gives her Sally head model which leaves everyone bemused, and the first casualty of the tough training process…

Do or Dye Hair Academy is on BBC One Scotland tonight at 7.30pm, visit for more info on the salon and the academy.