Fake Freckles from TopShop

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I’m not entirely sure about this latest beauty trend – fake freckles! It’s not the first time I’ve heard of it, and I am sure for catwalk shows, if the look requires freckled faces, then it can look great. But are you really going to pencil on some freckles and go out like that?

Topshop freckle pencilTopShop think so and have launched their Freckle Pencil, to allow you to do just that. Use for playful, sophisticated, seductive and fun-loving looks. Adorn your cheeks, nose and lip area with this experimental pencil and create your own classic freckles or try a quirky, statement look this summer, say TopShop.
“To create a fresh-faced, youthful glow that will see you through the summer, begin by sweeping matte bronzer or liquid bronzer onto the cheekbones, temples and the bridge of the nose. Then tap the pencil onto the skin in rapid motions and, if necessary pat gently with your ring finger to soften,” says Hannah Murray, TopShop Beauty Consultant. “For the most natural finish, freckles should be random.”

Mmmm, should that not be, er, natural?!

“I love freckles, they are so endearing,” continues Hannah. “Whenever I do freckles for shoots or catwalk shows, I use multiple brow pencils in a range of hues in order for them to look as realistic, as possible as no freckles are the same colour. This clever pencil swirls two shades of brown so that you can achieve the most convincing freckles.”

TopShop frecklen pencil

Phew, we’re glad of that last sentence. Do not, and we repeat do not, start tapping all sorts of brow and eyeliner pencils over your face! The pencil is a longwearing, waxy formula which contains two complementary shades of brown swirled together to create pinpoint precision freckles.

So, if you really do want the fresh-faced fake freckle look, this pencil is available from July, at selected TopShop stores and John Lewis stores nationwide, and at topshop.com, for £5.