Wash Your Hands Well with Jo Loves and Floris

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Are you washing your hands properly, and often? In the face of the Coronavirus outbreak, we’ve all been told to wash our hands more. We should be washing them regularly anyway, and always with soap and water.

You might want to carry a hand sanitizer when you are out and about, but only one with alcohol content will be effective against a virus – and good luck finding them.

I was sent this Scottish-themed hand sanitizer from Mad Beauty a few weeks ago, It contains alcohol, and a Tuberose scent, and a cute Highland cow on the packaging. It’s £4.99 – but they’re currently out of stock.


Washing our hands for 20 seconds or longer should be a lovely experience, so treat yourself to a super fancy hand wash. Jo Loves has introduced two new fragrances of Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.

Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods is a perfect marriage of classic and contemporary. it is very crisp and clean and was inspired by memories of Jo’s past and her recent travels. Eucalyptus has always taken Jo back to working in a flower shop, aged 16, where the medicinal scent would fill the air. Here she has balanced it with the creamy smell of Cedarwood evoked from a recent trip to the Middle East. There’s vetiver in there at the base as well.

Seville Orange & Neroli is a super summery scent that was inspired by a summer holiday to a little Hacienda on the outskirts of Seville. It blends butter orange, mandarin, and lemon with neroli and spearmint.

You can use the hand washes every day, and the hand lotion to follow. Remember if you are using any hand product with alcohol in it, you really do need to use hand cream more often as well.

Jo Loves Hand Wash is £38, and Hand Lotion £40, from joloves.com

Another fancy new Hand Wash on the block comes from Floris, and it has a matching hand Lotion as well. The new fragrances are Chypress and Rosa Centifolia, and the original is Cefiro. The hand products are free from parabens, 100 per cent vegan, and the packaging is made from 10 per cent recycled plastic.

Floris  Luxury Hand Wash is £22, and the Hand Lotion is £24, and it’s available from florislondon.com.