Home Hair Care with Osmo

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The very first thing I'll be doing when this coronavirus crisis is over is booking a hair appointment. There are LOADS of salons at 5pm, so treat yourself now to gift vouchers, and get pick up a deal when we're all back up and running.

In the meantime – DON'T BOX DYE! It's one of the absolute no-nos of lockdown. There's a hashtag going around #SHOWYOURROOTS – so get in on the act, and show them!

Philip Kingsley Trichologist Lisa Caddy reckons giving your hair a colour holiday is hugely beneficial to the condition of your hair.

She said:

Colouring hair more than every 12 weeks can mean too much overlap. However, many people colour every four to six weeks, so if you can give your hair a colour holiday it will help the condition.
If you have to do video chats, disguise roots with camouflage products colour-matched to your natural hair colour. If you’ve been thinking of embracing the grey but hate the transition of growing colour out, now is a great time to let your natural colour show few inches and see If you think it's going to suit you.
Osmo Intensive

It's important to give your hair – and yourself -some TLC during these tough times. Treat yourself to a hair mask. Soak in the bath, curl up on the sofa with the cat, or stick it on at your home office desk – why not?!

OSMO’s Intensive Deep Repair Mask offers hair intense hydration salvation – perfect for hair that’s dry and over-stressed from heat, dyes, bleach and all those chemicals. The mask is formulated with mega-moisturising hero ingredient Pataua Oil, extracted from the Amazonian Brazilian palm tree and an ultra-repairing Keratin Complex.

It will restore moisture whilst reconstructing damaged locks. It’s a creamy texture, and it smells delightful. It’s available in a 100ml tub and 250ml tube, and the best bit is it’s just £3.10 or £5.40 –  totally affordable even in these troubling times.

Find it online at feelunique.com