REN celebrate 20 years of Clean Skincare with Infinity Recycling

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REN has always placed itself at the forefront of the sustainable debate. I recall my first meeting with the brand many years ago and hearing how the team used electric vehicles before we even knew what they were.

REN is truly a brand for other beauty brands to aspire to when it comes to the elephant in the beauty room – packaging. The pioneering new pack for the iconic moisturiser EverCalm Global Protection Day Cream includes  SABIC’s certified recycled plastic, made through a groundbreaking technology that can recycle mixed plastic waste otherwise destined for incineration or landfill.

In partnership with SABIC, REN is proud to be the first luxury beauty brand to support this recycling technology to regenerate plastic waste and deliver certified recycled plastic identical to virgin. This means further reducing the need to make new plastic from fossil feed stock – eg petroleum, and the possibility of indefinite plastic recycling without losing its quality and physical properties. This is why REN is calling it InfinityRecycling.

We want to champion pioneering sustainability solutions. This new technology has just come to market and we want to showcase innovations to the luxury beauty world that are realistic, honest and also ambitious. We hope our journey to Zero Waste inspires other beauty companies to also adopt the same solutions and technologies. – Arnaud Meysselle CEO REN Clean Skincare.

Once you’ve finished the product, all of the packaging is recyclable, and the sustainable cycle can continue again. The moisturiser itself contains blackcurrant seed oil, seabuckthorn oil, and camellia oil. It’s a great product for soothing and hydrating skin every day.

REN Clean Skincare EverCalm Global Protection Day Cream, £36,