Love Your Lips

2 min read

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and if you are planning on any smooching with a special someone, you probably want your lips to feel soft!

Lips are a pretty overlooked part of our face generally, am I right? And they needn’t be, because you can get all sorts of lip care products – masks, scrubs, balms, and more. It’s actually pretty easy to make a scrub with some sugar and some oil – try it, and just slough off those dead skin cells. When you use a lip balm, use it until the chapping has gone, and then stop. Continued use won’t help.

The latest lip products on my desk are the NEW Estee Lauder Nighttime Rescue Lip Oil-Serum (£25), which is online now at, and on counters from February 24.

This product is an addition to your nighttime routine. Keep it by your bed, and use it before you go to sleep. Lauder say it rescues lips from the day. It contains nourishing hydrators, and precious naturally derived Camellia, Rose and Lavender Oils, as well as collagen filling spheres. It’s light, and will helo your lips feel nourished and plumped. The plush applicator is lovely, and if you are a beauty product fanatic, like me, then this is definitely a new one to add to your arsenal!

The bubu skincare #youpucker Lip Plumping Mask (£5) is a gel mask that will plump and hydrate your lips. It’s made from bubu’s Advanced Glitterati Hydrogel Structure, which is their patented thermo-sensitive, water-soluble hydrogel. The solid gel reacts to the skin temperature to release the key ingredients encapsulated within.

Those ingredients in the lip mask are Topical botox, a cosmetic grade approved ingredient that is safe to apply, and fully compliant with all EU regulations and Hyaluronic Acid which will nourish and hydrate the lip area. The key natural actives in the mask are red clover, a superfood for the skin, brown algae, for nourishing, red algae to protect skin from blue light exposure, alfalfa herb, full of vitamins C and K to protect and repair, and wakame, which gives skin barrier protection.

There’s a full range of bubu masks, which I will feature on here soon, and they are vegan and use environmentally friendly sparkle. Find then at