Barry M NEW Lip Rehab Lip Mask

1 min read

I featured a few lip masks and treatments around Valentine’s Day, and there must be a trend on the loose, as here’s another new one from Barry M – Lip Rehab.

If your lips need a little bit of TLC after winter (if it ever ends, of course!), then a mask is a great way of treating them, and they are a pretty neglected part of the skin when it comes to skincare.

This nourishing lip mask is blended with old favourite, avocado oil, to help soothe and heal those chapped lips. There’s hemp seed oil in there to deal with dryness, and vitamin E to protect and prevent UV damage.

You can use this mask in the morning or the evening, and the best way to do it is to apply it generously throughout the day, whenever you like. But don’t use it as a lip balm – use it to treat the problem, then stop.

It is great for lips in cold weather and is also fantastic overnight,  or on flights.

The NEW Barry M Lip Rehab, £4.99, is available now at and stockists.