NEW Erborian Milk & Peel Mask and Balm

2 min read

Sesame is a key ingredient in Korean cooking, so it makes sense it works in Korean skincare, right? The new Milk & Peel products from Erborian utilises sesame milk – extracted from freshly crushed seeds.

Sesame offers a boundless reserve of minerals, iron, essential fatty acids and vitamins, and is great for the body and skin. The virtues of the sesame seed have been recognised for centuries, apparently…!

Two products feature this new ingredient – the Milk & Peel Mask, and Milk & Peel Balm. Sesame Milk has a double-action  – it resurfaces and softens. The resurfacing action gently eliminates dead skin cells with exfoliating enzymes and refines the skin’s texture. The products also contain Erborian’s signature 7-herb complex in a blend of sesame and sunflower oils.

First up, the Milk & Peel Balm – this is a daily oil-in-balm 2-in-1 cleanser with more than 40 per cent fine vegetal oils to offer skin maximum comfort. it removes all traces of makeup, cleanses away dead cells that block the epidermis. It’s a cleanser with exfoliating benefits, and I like it. It takes off everything and feels fantastic.

The Milk & Peel Mask works in just five minutes to resurface the skin, making it feel renewed and more luminous. This creamy formula combines sesame milk exfoliating enzymes and is enriched with sesame oil, strengthened by essential fatty acids to help nourish the skin. I’ve not tried the mask, but if it feels like the cleanser,  I’d say its a winner.

Bith products are just lovely new ways of cleansing and nourishing your skin, and in January that’s no bad thing.

Erborian Milk & Peel Mask, £34, and Milk & Peel Balm, £26, are available now from Space NK and