L'Occitane Liquid Soaps and Eco Refills

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I tend to become obsessed with soaps and cleaning at the start of a year – I’ve already posted about new organic liquid soaps I’ve been trying, and now I’m going to get in a lather over L’Occitane’s Liquid Soaps!

The French company has been making solid and liquid soaps since 1980, when founder Olivier Baussan purchased a soap-making factory, and worked with a retired master soap- maker, to learn the traditional soap-making methods.

L’Occitane’s liquid soaps are great for hands and body, and will give you an intense clean, and won’t dry the skin, as well as helping prevent the development of bacteria.  They contain no palm oil and come in 100 per cent recycled plastic packaging, and contain 100 per cent organic shea butter made in Burkina Faso using traditional methods. This shea butter is certified Fair Trade so you have the guarantee of safe working conditions, sustainable farming practices, fair wages, etc., and the shea butter is purchased directly from the women’s shea butter cooperatives, rather than through intermediaries, which maximises local added value.

This partnership with shea producers from Burkina Faso began over 30 years ago after Olivier Baussan discovered this exceptional ingredient on a trip to the country.

The Liquid Soaps come in various scents including best-selling Verbena, as well as Lavender, and classic rich Shea. The two new Limited scents are Citrus and Rosemary. You can get Eco Refills for most of the fragrances as well, and L’Occitane uses an initiative with TerraCycle to help recycle beauty brand packaging. You just need to take your empties to a L’Occitane boutique.

L’Occitane Liquid Soaps are £15 (300ml), £20 (500ml) and £18 for 500ml refill, at loccitane.co.uk and L’Occitane boutiques.