Goldfinger (and face and hands and toes) with KIKO!

1 min read

Here’s a bit of fun for the festive season – gold masks! KIKO has gold masks for your face, hands and toes in the Magical Holiday collection.

The extra good news is that there is money off everything in the collection at KIKO right now, so go grab yourself a treat or some stocking fillers.

The Magical Holiday Golden Mask (£5.99) is a single-use nourishing golden fabric face mask that contains a blend of plant extracts, including chamomile and peony, and hyaluronic acid. The mask is also brilliant for taking selfies in, right?! It’s a lot of fun.

The Magical Holiday Hands Gilden Mask (£3.99) is perfect at this time of year when hands need a little help. The gold gloves contain aloe extract and you can wear them whilst you relax, or go around your daily routine! Keep them on for 15 minutes.

The Magical Holiday Feet Golden Mask (£3.99) is brilliant golden socks that will make your feet all super soft and velvety. Slip them on, let the formula containing aloe vera get to work for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Beauty festive fun!