Perfectly Primed with REN

2 min read

REN launched the Perfect Canvas Clean Primer last month, and if you are in the market for a new primer, then this one is worth a look.

It’s weightless, silicone-free, and doesn’t sit on the skin like some do,  but sinks in beautifully upon application. You only need a couple of drops, and you should massage it in until fully absorbed, after your moisturiser and SPF, before applying your makeup. Ensure full-face coverage for best results.

You don’t need to apply makeup, of course – you can just use this as the last layer in a skincare routine. It contains Agave Extract to help reduce shine, leaving skin with a matte finish.

Pro-Biotics smooth the skin by encouraging surface cell renewal, while Alpha-Glucans have a pre-biotic effect, supporting a healthy skin microbiome, and acting as a barrier to protect the skin.

Your microbiome, in case you hadn’t heard, is the whole community of organisms that live on your skin, and it can be upset by everyday aggressors, and products that strip the skin.

AS well as being an instant mattifier, after 14 days in tests, 100 per cent of those trialled agreed that makeup applied better, and after 28 days, 90 per cent agreed that fine lines and wrinkles were reduced.

This primer comes in a recyclable glass bottle, however, the separate pipette is not currently recyclable, and REN is apologetic about that, and working on a solution. I think it would be a good idea, if you could, to re-use the pipette and top in another product.,

REN Perfect Canvas Clean Primer, £40, is available now from and stockists.