New Eyeliners from LUSH and Huda Beauty

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These two new eyeliners couldn’t really be more different. I’m not sure many fans of HUDA Beauty, or Huda Kattan herself, would rush to LUSH, and vice-versa. But I was sent them both around the same time to try, so here they are.

In fact, here they are together in this first picture – and I’m a fan of both. But let’s look at them in more detail, shall we?!

First up, the gorgeous LUSH liners. Newly formulated, these little glass bottles of liner liquid in all sorts of colours and formats are magical. I really do love them. I was gifted the full set from Lush, and I can’t get enough of them.

My absolute favourite is the Cowrie bright blue (all the colours are named after seashells, how fab is that?!), which has a beautiful light-reflecting lustre. But, last week I used the gold colour – Venus – over my whole eyelid, and it did not move ALL NIGHT. And I had a long night, with a lot of cocktails involved!

I can’t emphasise how easy they are to apply (with Lush liner brushes, or any brushes you have), and they last brilliantly. They don’t smudge, they’re not watery, they are just excellent, and even if the £15 price tag seems steep for a little pot, you won’t need a lot, and you have about 14 months shelf-life with them. They are, of course, 100% vegan.


LUSH liners are available now, £15 each at Lush stores and

HUDA Beauty is the biggest new brand on the block. Iranian-American uber-influencer Huda Kattan has a HUGE following. Her range is bright, bold and full of products. I’m not a fan of the full-on face she wears or the fact that she advocates shaving her face for perfect makeup application (I get the dermaplaning, but this is a bit much), and those drag-queen eyes are not my everyday look.

But she has fans. And lots of them. And the counter in Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols is constantly busy. This Life Liner is her biggest launch in ages and one she had to get right because she is never seen without her black winged liner intact.

AND…this liner is good. Don’t make the mistake I did, and try to do the waterline before the top line of the liquid liner has dried properly…that’s not going to end well.

This is how you use the liquid end of the Huda Beauty Life Liner

  • Open the liquid side of the liner and wipe off any excess formula from the brush
  • Start from the outer corner of your eye and begin to create your wing, working inwards towards the centre of your lid
  • Complete the line starting from the inner corner of your eye, connecting the two lines at the centre of the lid filling in any negative space
  • Allow to dry for approximately 60 seconds, depending on how thick your line is. The thicker your liner is, the longer it will take to dry

Pay attention to that last instruction!

The liquid liner of the Life Liner will, says Huda, stay put for 48 hours. It combines high molecular weight silicones and silicone resins and has an elastic-like texture that prevents cracking, smudging or fading during wear. The formula’s unique ingredients work together to create a lightweight film that protects the formula once it’s applied giving it that 48-hour power.

It’s most definitely not natural, and the black is the blackest matte finish you will ever see! It really is black. The shade is called Very Vanta.

The brush was created with a pointy tip for the perfect distribution of formula onto the skin without seriously compromising on precision. Huda was adamant about the cut of the brush to make sure consumers could create their perfect winged look without the line becoming too thick or clumpy.

She hand-trimmed the prototype herself and was so adamant that it took the team roughly three months to create just the brush – imagine those meetings!

At the other end of the Life Liner is a self-propelling pencil liner, with a very thin tip. It is perfect for use on the lash line or water line, which is where I have used it, and it’s really good. It doesn’t sting, doesn’t drag, you really don’t feel it.

The squared-off shape of the product is very tactile, and all in all, I’d say if you are a liner fan, then no matter if you’ve never heard of Huda Kattan, you should probably check this out.

The Huda Life Liner is £22, and available now, in Scotland at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, and online at

There is also a new Huda Beauty Limited-Edition Makeup Remover Balm (£11) available, which I have not tried, but I can vouch for Lush Ultrabland Cleanser (£17), which removes EVERYTHING!