Max Factor Miracle Sculpting Wands

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Contouring/highlighting is basically mainstream makeup skills now, right? But also quite dodgy if not done properly. A quick scour of the internet will throw up all sorts of Metal Mickey highlighting disasters, and over-zealous contouring!

It’s not that easy to do, despite the gazillion online tutorials. That’s probably why I only bother with a wee bit of highlighter on my cheeks on a night out, and maybe a tiny touch on the tip of my nose – I kind of like that!

Max Factor has, however, declared highlighting and contouring EFFORTLESS with its new Miracle Sculpting Wands.

I was kindly sent the highlighter to try – I was steering well clear of the contour wands – and it is a very easy-to-use product.

The champagne-hued highlighter is a really nice shade – and not too metallic. It comes in a simple tube with a soft cushion applicator. You twist the nozzle to open, then squeeze – GENTLY – until the applicator fills with product. Then you apply. It’s easily buildable and blendable, and it gives a lovely radiant glow.

The two contour wands are Medium Deep and Light Medium, and it’s the same principle with them – apply where you contour, and blend and build as you see fit.

I love beauty products that don’t involved a lot of faffing, so these are absolutely perfect.

The NEW Max Factor Miracle Sculpting Wands are £10.99 each, and available now at Boots and Superdrug