NEW No7 Laboratories Skin Pastes and No7 Foundation

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Pastes. That’s a formula I keep hearing. Yesterday it was the new Alpha-H paste, today it’s two new pastes from Boots No7 Laboratories.

This new No7 range has passed me by, but I am hopeful I’m back on the press office radar now. They kindly sent me the two new pastes that launch to the Skin Paste range next week – Hydrating, and Clearing. They also sent the latest No7 foundation – the Protect & Perfect Advanced All in One Foundation.

There are already two pastes – Cica-Rescue, and Resurfacing, which launched earlier this year. These are, according to Boots, the next generation of masking. They combine the instant skin-enhancing boost of a mask with the efficacy of a transforming treatment.

The Hydrating Skin Paste targets dry, tight-feeling skin. It combines a deeply hydrating gel, with a skin-fortifying cream. Phase 1 delivers intense hydration to the skin, thanks to Hyaluronic Acid x3 Hydrogel – this is a complex with the power of three molecular sizes of hyaluronic acid to deeply nourish the skin.

Phase 2 strengthens the skin’s natural barrier to lock in moisture, thanks to Ceramides + NMF – this cream formula with skin-identical ceramide complex reinforces the skin’s natural barrier after continual use – effectively reducing dryness and locking in moisture whilst you sleep,

You will instantly have 48-hour hydration, and your skin will feel and look plumped and supple. In the long-term, that barrier will be supported, and your skin will lose that dreaded tightness. Apply a generous layer to cleansed skin before bed, and use overnight two to three times weekly.


The Clearing Skin Paste will soothe and restore balance to blemish-prone skin, working overnight to help clear the skin.

It’s a creamy clay-based formula that can be applied directly to problem areas, or used as an all-over sleep mask, exfoliating skin overnight from the very first use, thanks to Salicylic ACid 2% which removes those surface dead skin cells and helps clear pores.

There’s soothing bisabolol + Licorice in there too. When you wake up, rinse the paste off, and use 2-3 times a week, overnight.

If you love the No7 Protect & Perfect range, you will love this new foundation – the Advanced All in One foundation.

It launched at the end of August, and is a medium coverage, buildable, all in one – that means it gives you a great base AND skincare benefits at the same time. Oh, and it has SPF50+ protection – which is always good to know.

It contains optical blurring particles which instantly reduce the signs of ageing by reflecting the light away from fine lines. It has a flexible polymer film which sits over lines, flexing and stretching with every facial movement. This sounds much scarier than it is, obviously it’s not a film the naked eye can see!

The long term benefits of this foundation are anti-ageing, in that it reduces the appearance of those fine lines, and that SPF plus antioxidants help protect the skin from long-term UVA damage – those are the ageing rays of the sun.

It contains Matrixyl 3000 Plus – advanced anti-ageing peptides combined with pro-vitamin A to help restore a more youthful appearance to the skin. It has vitamins E and C in there to help with skin evenness, and those lines, ginseng root extract and mulberry root extract are the antioxidants, and it is super moisturising. It comes in 14 shades.

This is a really nice baser. It is SUPER-reflecting, it glides on easily, doesn’t feel heavy at all, and provides nice coverage, that’s not too much – it’s really natural-looking, and shade Warm Ivory matches my skin tone almost perfectly.

No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced All in One Foundation, £17, available now, and No7 Laboratories Hydrating and Clearing Skin Pastes, £18 each, from September 25, at Boots, and