Specific Suncare

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If you are off on holiday soon, then don’t forget your sunscreen! It’s one of the most important things you can pack, so make room in your luggage for at least a couple of bottles of suncare to suit you.

And use something different on the face to the body – you wouldn’t put your regular body lotion on your face, would you? So don’t use your body sunscreen there either.

There are SO many types of sunscreen on the market, and there are constantly new innovations to choose from – from sunscreens that last for eight hours with just one application, to those that adapt their SPF to your skin type, to those perfect for wearing during sport.

So, I have decided to pull together lots of different suncare products over a few posts to let you make an informed choice on looking after your skin in the sunshine this summer. There are posts on body suncare, mists and oils, and facial suncare.





Let’s start with some new innovations. Reef safe suncare is a thing- and a very important thing! Organic brand Green People’s new range of sun-care is ocean-friendly. Some UV filters (Oxybenzone and Octinoxate ) may have a detrimental effect on marine life. Coral-rich Hawaii and holiday hotspot Key West have banned products containing them. Even tiny amounts of these toxic chemicals can have a detrimental effect on marine life.

Zinc oxide in sun creams can cause problems when used in marine environments. Reactions with chemical pollutants and heat or sunlight may cause the release of Zinc ions which are highly toxic to aquatic life, with sea plants and animals being exposed to huge amounts over their lifetimes.

Green People choose marine-friendly alternatives – Titanium dioxide, which acts as a reflective barrier predominantly to UVB radiation, and Isoamyl P-methoxycinnamate, which is derived from Cinnamic acid found in the leaves of the cinnamon tree, providing natural protection against UVB radiation. For protection against UVA radiation, Green People uses Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate – synthetic but not toxic.

There are loads of products in the range, including Scent Free Sun Lotion (£22.50), and specific products for children.



Piz Buin Hydro Infusion Sun Gel Cream (£7.99, Boots) comes in 150ml tubes and three factors – 15, 30 and 50. Essentially this non-greasy, non-sticky and fast-absorbing formula will protect you from the UV rays, low humidity, wind, modern life, chemicals and compounds in the water, which can all leave their mark. It’s enriched with anti-oxidant Vitamin E and protects against UVB and UVA as well as chlorine, salt water and more. And it leaves no white marks.

The Italians get PLENTY of sunshine, so it’s no surprise cult brand Be3 has come up with this innovative sunscreen. With just one canister of Be3 Sun Protection Progressive Spray, you can scale up your SPF by just reapplying  – no need for separate sunscreens to suit different skin needs, climates and preferences.

There are two sprays  – using the Be3 Sun Protection Progressive Spray for Normal Skin (£16) you can achieve SPF20 with one spray layer, SPF30 with a second, and SPF50+ with a third. With the Be3 Sun Protection Progressive Spray for Sensitive Skin (£20), one spray layer delivers SPF50, a second layer takes it to around SPF80, and a third to SPF100. You do need to make reapplication within 10-minute intervals to achieve increased protection. I am very curious about this product and hopefully will get to try it this year.

Both formulas are paraben and propellant-free. The dry-oil formula means the skin is not only protected from the sun but dehydration too, with an avocado and jojoba oil blend that locks in moisture. Additionally, anti-oxidant vitamin E helps reduce free radical damage from sun exposure. The normal spray smells lightly of vanilla and coconut, and the sensitive one has the aroma of baby powder. Both are exclusive to Selfridges.

Institut Esthederm has excellent suncare that isn’t rated by SPF, but by the sun. The Institut Esthederm Sun Care Oil Strong Sun (£43, harveynichols.com) helps protect you from strong sun, so akin to a higher factor. There are also products for moderate sun. I have used this range in the past, and despite the price being a bit high, it really is excellent.

If you are playing sport in the sun, then you might want to try a specific sunscreen for that – Dermalogica Protection SPF50 Sport (£34, harveynichols.co.uk) is a sheer solar protection treatment that has something in it called ‘oleosome microspheres’ which work to enhance SPF performance and counteract moisture loss, whilst moisture is bound into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.