NEW Bobbi Brown Cleansers

2 min read

Bobbi Brown has launched two new cleansers for summer – although technically one of them is a relaunch of an old favourite.

The Soothing Cleansing Oil has been reformulated with all sorts of good-for-skin ingredients to make sure your skin is instantly soothed, clean, calm, and nourished, as well as hydrated and moisturised.

The ingredients include Kukui Nut Oil, Goji Berry, White Water Lily, Prickly Pear, and Botanical oils. This new version dissolves impurities, pollutants and that long-wearing, waterproof eye makeup. This oil-based cleanser gets rid of it all. I apply to the skin and eyes, rubbing gently, and then use wet cotton pads to remove. It is suggested that you apply with hands, then splash water over your face, massage it in, and then rinse off.

It has a non-stripping, non-drying formula which means it’s gentle enough to be used on the face, eyes and lips. It’s my kind of cleanser!

The second cleaner is brand new for the brand. The Makeup Melter & Cleanser is a 3-in-1 cleanser, makeup remover, and toner. It helps cleanse and clarify skin by removing excess oil, pollutants and that long-wearing makeup again – the all-important thing.

The new Makeup Melter & Cleanser is formulated for zero friction cleansing as the foaming bubbles pop to help break down the dirt. You don’t have to scrub and irritate the skin with this cleanser.

The cleanser transforms into an emulsion when it meets the dirt, makeup or oils, and then it is easy to wipe away. I find this one a wee bit hard to apply, but that’s the same of any foaming cleanser, and as it can’t take eye makeup off, I use it in the mornings instead of the evenings, and keep it in the shower.

The NEW Makeup Melter And Cleanser, £27 150ml, and the Soothing Cleansing Oil, £35 200ml, are available now at Bobbi locations, and