Bobbi Brown Essentials Multicolour Eye Shadow Palette

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Do you need another Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette in your life? Probably not, but the brand keeps releasing them, and they are always packed with perfect colours to create the perfect eye.

The new Essentials MultiColour Eye Shadow Palette comes in five colourways, each one a carefully curated collection of eyeshadows in colours that complement each other and make your eye makeup application effortless.

Each palette has shades in it to help brighten, blend and define – those are, say Bobbi Brown,  core steps for your essential eye look.

Eye makeup is HUGE now. Everyone wants to create that defined, bold, smokey eye, right? And whilst you might think Bobbi palettes are a safe choice compared to others on the market, let’s just say they are maybe a bit more subtle.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t get the pigment pay-off required. Each one has a perfect blend of Bobbi Brown Matte, Metallic, Shimmer and Chrome Metal shadows.

There are five palettes to choose from Night Smoke, Midnight Orchid, Into The Sunset, Burnished Bronze, and Blue Storm.

Night Smoke contains four metallic shadows – Smouldering, Hot Smoke, Speakeasy, and Galactic, and one eyeshadow, in Cream.

Midnight Orchid contains two metallic shadows – Midnight Orchid and Into Night, one shimmer wash shadow – Moonlight, and two eyeshadows – Smokey Brown and Pale Cream.

Into The Sunset contains one metallic shadow – Into The Sunset, two shimmer wash shadows – Peach Day and Mystic, and two Eyeshadows – On The Horizon, and Shell.

Burnished Bronze contains two metallic eyeshadows – Burnished Bronze and Ultimate Gold, one shimmer shadow- Sugar Sand, and two eyeshadows – Rich Brown and Buttercream

Blue Storm contains three metallics – Blue Storm, Tempest, and Last Light, and two eyeshadows – Gathering Storm and Porcelain.

The Bobbi Brown Essentials Multicolour Eye Shadow Palettes, £32, each are available at Bobbi locations and