NEW Luxe Lip Lacquers from Tom Ford

2 min read

It’s been ALL about matte lips for, ooh, forever, it seems. And if it’s not matte, it’s super-shiny. Tom Ford has recently launched a full new collection of 20 Luxe Lip Lacquers – half matte, half vinyl, giving you both options.

I’ve had a good old play around with these on counter, and they are great. The pigment is excellent – the matte is softly matte, and the vinyl is high-shine, but not in a glossy way. Tom Ford describes it as a mirror-like shine.

The colours are stunning. The intense, technologically-advanced pigments, cushioned with emollients, saturate the lips, and he effect is soft on the lips, with high colour pay-off.

The Lip Lacquer Luxe Vinyl comes in 10 shades, across the colour spectrum. Softcore is a glossy nude, and Unzip,  a breautiful coral. And then there’s Infatuate, Infiltrate, Initiate, Insinuate, Intimate, Intimidate,and Infuriate.

It’s no wonder Melissa on the Edinburgh Harvey Nichols counter admitted she got a wee bit confused! The Vinyl lip gives a gorgeous high-shine, sexy finish, with a sort of three-dimensional effect.

The Lip Lacquer Luxe Matte also comes in 10 shades. There’s Insouciant, to carry on that I thing, a lovely berry called Habitual, and a gorgeous, gorgeous crimson red called Overpower that I have my eye on.

The other shades are Darling, Jaguar, Quiver, Pussycat, Lark, Beaujolais, and Amaranth. The matte finish is mineral-powder infused, and doesn’t ever dry.


Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe Vinyl and Matte, £40 each, at Tom Ford counters, Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, House of Fraser, Glasgow