New Night Creams from Filorga and Caudalie

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Night time is the best time for beauty products to work their magic – if you are any sort of beauty geek, you will know this. So, a night cream is a vitally important part of any skincare routine.

I keep mine by my bedside, so I never forget to apply, and I alternate creams with glycolic based liquids, the odd face mask, and serums, and eye treatments. I enjoy this bedtime beauty routine.

So I have been delighted to try two new night products lately, both out next month. And who knew those pillow marks were ACTUALLY AGEING US?!



Yep, according to Italian brand, Filorga, those pillow marks create a fifth type of wrinkle – as if we needed another one, and what the heck are the other four  – and gradually swell up our features creating puffiness in our skin. What?! Yep, those wrinkles caused by sleep are vertical and deep, and can appear on the cheeks, crow’s feet, or even the forehead, taking longer and longer to disappear each time.

Filorga Time-Filler Night contains a complex of two collagen boosting matrikines (science speak – they’re like peptides) combined with hyaluronic acid for in-depth filling.As well as that it gives a peel-like effect on surface wrinkles  – Gluconolactone + Sea fennel  boost cell renewal during the night.

So you are supposed to wake feeling fresher, more plumped and wrinkle-free the longer you use. Particularly if you use the Filorga technique for maximum effect. Which is this:

1. PLUMP –  lightly pinch the skin with the thumb and index finger over areas of the skin for an instant smoothing and plumping effect.
2. DETOXIFY –  create a ‘pump’ effect by using pressure with the palms of the hands on the areas prone to puffiness to stimulate toxin elimination and ensure that the features are smooth in the morning.

Does all of this work? I don’t know. The cream feels delightful, and I do believe that Filorga products are excellent skincare with some proper science behind it.




I do love a Caudalie product, and I like glycolic acid as a night-time beauty treatment, so this cream is a win-win for me. Dark spots are annoying, and  – newsflash – they aren’t, or weren’t, called age spots for nothing. I’ve developed more than a few of late, and this cream isn’t just for the treatment of, but the prevention of them too.

Viniferine, combined with the Bio-peeling complex, which contains glycolic acid and papaya enzyme, promotes gradual and controlled exfoliation for the skin. Applied over the face and neck before bed, the cream effectively acts as a gentle peel. For an accelerated effect, you can apply as a thick layer, like a mask, and I’ve been trying this out.

Viniferine was uncovered and patented by Caudalie – once upon a time, in French vineyards, the sap in grapevine stalks was used by women, who would spread it over their face and hands to diminish their dark spots and brighten their complexion. Research apparently shows it to be a whopping 62 times more powerful than Vitamin C, and one of the most effective and natural molecules to fight hyperpigmentation with.

Drawn from deep within the vine sap, it corrects all types of dark spots and prevents them from reappearing by controlling the enzyme responsible for excessive melanin production. It also boosts micro-circulation which helps with radiance. So, the glycolic acid is the peel, and then there’s shea butter, and grape seed oil,  as well as olive squalane and hyaluonic acid, to make this cream super-moisturising too.

It’s also not eye-wateringly expensive, and I am really hopeful that it will diminish those dark spots for me!

What are your night-time beauty products of choice?