Futuristic Silver Beauty

3 min read

Futuristic fun for the New Year! Drop the festive gold and bring out the sci-fi silver. Everything is shiny and chrome in the future, right?!

I love a bit of silver for New Year’s Eve, and there are loads of brilliant silver beauty bits around. I’m not sure if I would go as far as silver lips, but a bit of silver sparkle is definitely a Hogmanay must.

If you do want to go all out for those metallic lips, then Too Faced Metallic Sparkle in Bionic (£18, Debenhams) is a blue-ish alternative to a pure silver. Maybe even layer it over a red for a metallic effect. Illamasqua’s Limited Edition Anti-Matter Lipstick in Storm (£20) is not a shade for everyone. If you have a pinky-yellow hue in your skintone, then maybe avoid. if not, then this will make a bold silver statement!



Silver eyes is a look most of us can pull off. You can go for a full-on glittery lid, or a slick of silver eyeliner – depending on how subtle you want your party look.

Zoeva Graphic Eyes in The Truth(£7) is a soft eyeliner pencil in a white with silver glitter. Illamasqua’s Broken Gel in Silver (£19) creates a glistening metallic layer that’s perfect worn alone or layered over eye shadow for an intensified effect. You can also dab at the inner corners of your eyes to instantly brighten, or pat lightly along cheekbones if you fancy.

Illamasqua has all the silver you ever need, including 10th Anniversary Beyond Powder in Frost (£34). This limited edition product comes in special packaging, and offers a strobe-like, ethereal radiance with an iridescent skin quality. The silky powder texture will give you a subtle glow, and if you add water, it’s a gorgeous eye colour.

There’s also the Jewel Vinyl in Wizzard (£15) from Illamasqua. This face and body glitter is brilliant – it’s glitter suspended in a hybrid balm, so it adheres to the skin beautifully.  Barry M’s Fine Glitter Dust (£4.59, Superdrug) is a tiny tub with a lot of power! Silver has ultra  fine, diamond like glitter flecks, perfect for using on the cheeks, lips and body – just be careful not to drop it.

Add a little bit of silver to your face, for a futuristic highlight with Revlon’s PhotoReady Galaxy Dream™ Holographic Highlighting Palette (£10.99, exclusive to Superdrug). This palette of pink, lilac, green and silver powders create a multi-coloured, prismatic glow. You get a multi-faceted glow from this palette. Barry M’s Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops in Moon Potion (£6.99) will give you a gloriously out-of-this-world shine for the new year.


Maybe silver nails is as far as you want to take the spaceman theme this Hogmanay, and that’s fine. Silver sparkle is fun. Barry M’s Molten Metal Nail Paint in Silver Lining (£3.99) is a gorgeous shimmery silver, whilst the Crackle Effect Nail Paint in Silver (£3.99) turns any nail polish into a crackled look – try the silver on black or white for a cute effect. Boots No7 Nail Effects (£7) comes in a lovely simple silver glitter.