Soap & Glory Bubble Act Boots Star Gift

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You can’t really miss Soap & Glory in Boots, can you? And in the run-up to Christmas, it ramps up a notch, with wall-to-wall pink bathtime goodies.

Soap & Glory is one of the best-selling gift brands at Boots, and on December 7, this year’s hotly anticipated Limited Edition Star Gift launches  – Bubble Act.

It’s a gorgeous tin, jam-packed full of all the Soap & Glory goodies you will ever need. Designed by talented illustrator and graphic designer, Zuki Turner, who has worked with huge brands, including Stylist, Marie Claire and Tommy Hilfiger, it’s also pretty handy once it’s empty!

My playful design depicts Soap & Glory’s iconic vintage ladies embracing the fun and fearlessness that the brand helps women to embrace in their day-to-day life. I’ve set them against unexpected colour combinations and textures, inspired by mundane moments that evoke everyday joy. For example, some of the colour combos I used in the design were inspired by seeing someone drop a pot of fluoro-pink paint on the street, contrasting beautifully with the double yellow lines and the tarmac! – Zuki Turner

I’m not about to list the contents, but there are favourites like The Righteous Butter, Clean On Me, and Sexy Mother Pucker. You can see those, and the rest in the picture below.

Now this is a gift, but well, isn’t a gift for yourself even better?! Did you know that 41% of last year’s gift Spa of Wonder were bought for self-gifting? And one Soap & Glory gift is sold every 20 seconds? That’s a lot of gifting! And the best bit about this – it’s just £30, and the contents are worth £80.

Bubble Act is available at Boots stores and from December 7.