Ibiza Hair Brushes

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I was given this HUGE hairbrush the other week. It’s from a company called Ibiza Hair, which has been around since the 1950s. Who knew? Not me, so it’s always nice to discover a new-to-me company.

There are LOADS of brushes. Most of them have these brilliant cork handles, and are made with boar bristle.

I was sent this one – the Z5 to try, and it’s probably a wee bit big for my length of hair, but it was a joy to use!

The Z series comes in two sizes, and  features an extra long concave barrel, designed to cut blow drying time in half. Ibiza Hair mixes natural boar bristle with a unique carbon fiber heat resistant nylon to create soft, strong bristles.

This brush is made of white boar bristles reinforced with nylon. The boar bristles distribute the natural oils in the hair for a super shiny finish – even on my over processed hair!

The brushes are made in Spain, and are so light. They also don’t heat up like some do. Have you ever sat on a hot hair brush in your undies? Not fun!

This Z5 works to give you a smooth or a curly blow dry, and is specially designed for brushing wider sections of hair, It is probably a bit much for me as it is recommended for long to very long hair  – not mine – and thick, unruly hair – not mine again.

But it did give me the biggest, bounciest blow dry ever, and that’s no mean feat!

It’s not cheap. This brush is £54.50. But if you are serious about blow-drying your hair, then it’s an investment.

Check out the Ibiza Hair website to see the full range of Ibiza brushes  – there are a lot of them.

Ibiza Hair Brushes, available at ibizahair.co.uk